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The best contemporary artists from the UK and beyond, across four live music stages.

First round of music for 2022 now on our music page.


Our Comedy line-up for 2022 is enormous!!

Check it out!


We drag our kids round the best shows from Edinburgh Festival, so you don't have to!

Line-up for 2022 here.


Emphasis on fun! We’ll sneak some scientific principles into your head without you even realising.

Check out our 2022 science page.


Our huge sports field ensures even the giddiest kids fall asleep during your journey home.

Line-up for 2022 here.

Spoken Word

Something for everyone with our Spoken Word & Podcast line-up.

Line-up for 2022 coming soon.


Our own book club, but without the cheesy nibbles and spilt red wine.

Line-up for 2022 coming soon.


A festival site offers unlimited opportunity to create stages in the most unexpected of places.

Line-up for 2022 coming soon.


Far too many arty, crafty, messy, energetic, sensory or relaxing workshops to take part in!

Line-up for 2022 coming soon.

Under 5s

Taking tots to a festival can be daunting – we’ve been there – so we treat under 5s like royalty.

Line-up for 2022 coming soon.


Worried about your kids not getting out much?

Line-up for 2022 here.


During your stay with us, your wellbeing is our wellbeing.

Line-up for 2022 here.


Quite often it is the usual pieces of site art that you remember about a festival.

Line-up for 2022 coming soon.


From arthouse flicks to singalong screenings, your chance to downshift and relax.

Line-up for 2022 here.


Who might you bump into whilst having a wander in Baldersby Park?

Line-up for 2022 coming soon.


Some people come to festivals just for the food, this we understand and invite the best of the best.

Line-up for 2022 here.


Some nice reviews of 2019, proving that whatever the weather, Deer Shed is still the ultimate family festival...

"If ever there was a festival that comprehensively appealed to all generations, it is Deer Shed. It’s a wonderland of creativity and an inspired vision."
Bido Lito.

"Deer Shed is the best family festival in the UK, Deer Shed is a place to make memories that you will cherish forever."
Festivals For All read full review.

"Since its inception as a one-day festival back in 2010, Deer Shed has slowly evolved into what is now commonly regarded as being the UK’s premier family festival."
God Is In The TV read full review.

"Mum, when we go to the next Deer Shed, can we, like, stay for a week or something?"
Efestivals read full review.

"Allowing children into a festival is not the same thing as putting families at the heart of it, and that’s what Deer Shed does brilliantly."
Little Vikings read full review.

"The weather gods fail to spoil family friendly festival’s 10th anniversary celebration."
Leeds Live read full review.

"The rain poured for most of the day, but unlike a lot of other festivals, Deer Shed have it covered very well!"
On-Magazine read full review.

And most importantly what you guys thought.


Watch our 2019 aftermovie - it takes more than a drop of rain to spoil the fun!

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Explore over 2000 hours of festival content for all ages. Check out our festival programme from 2019 to get a full picture of all that we do.


A family-friendly festival is for everyone - our ethos.


From camping to glamping, check out our under-canvas options for the weekend.


Bring your live-in vehicle to Deer Shed, see how it fits into our camping choices.

Love Deer Shed Ambassador Scheme

Come for free? Join our Love Deer Shed Ambassador Scheme!!

If you already rave about Deer Shed to your friends and family why not be rewarded for your enthusiasm and join our ambassador scheme!

In a nutshell, for every 8 adult tickets you sell on our behalf we will give you a FREE adult ticket plus there are all sorts of other rewards to earn!

And if you have your ticket already or if you are keen to volunteer you can still benefit by gifting your FREE ticket to a friend.

Check out our Ambassador page for all the detail!!

Our take on the family friendly music festival thing.

We might rant on a bit here, sorry.

If you go and watch a Pixar movie with your children, everyone has a great time. Not just your kids, EVERYBODY!!! We strive for this holy-grail every year.

We don't have kid's areas as such, they're not zoo animals! The whole site is accessible to everyone and we will welcome you as though you were our house guests, which you essentially are.

But we are a cultural event too and you will be exposed to many new things. We like new things. You might be challenged by some of them, but we want every family member to leave Baldersby Park inspired, if that's ok.

And finally, our music line-up, hitting you through extremely high fidelity PA systems will be as thrilling and contemporary as you will find at any UK festival in 2020 - it's just that you can share that thrill with your kids and feel perfectly safe at the same time.

Oh, and if you don't have kids to bring, that's fine too xx

Our history

Various themes and lineups from over the years. The theme for DSF1 was 'OMG we're having a festival' and consequently we can't find the artwork :)


Our friends

Folks that we are proud to be associated with.

Association Of Independent Festivals

The Association Of Independent Festivals is essentially a trade body for the best of the UK's independent festival sector as well as the source of most excellent gossip.


Candlelighters is a charity bringing light and hope to the families of children suffering from cancer. They are our festival charity with over £2500 of donations in 2016.


Founded by waste management professionals to share practical and low-cost sustainability solutions with communities in low-income countries, WasteAid is a charity that spreads recycling around the world, creating jobs and stopping plastic reaching the oceans.

Attitude Is Everything

Attitude is Everything improves Deaf and disabled people's access to live music by working in partnership with audiences, artists and the music industry. We work closely with them to improve our accessibility.


Our charity for 2017, SASH prevents young people from becoming homeless by offering them a room in the home of a volunteer. Their ambition is that those we help never have to experience homelessness again and are able to lead successful, independent lives.


Like us, IVE believe creativity is king. They aim to inspire a more creative society by supporting the development of kids, educators and businesses. The good eggs at IVE also offer the opportunity for young Deer Shedders to achieve the Arts Award through the festival’s 120+ workshops.


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