Deer Shed 26th - 29th July 2024
Baldersby Park, Topcliffe, N Yorks

Baldersby Park, Topcliffe, N Yorks

26th - 29th July 2024

Babes in Arms Tent

A bastion for baby care, the Babes in Arms Tent offers help, advice, and general welfare for all your baby needs. This space will offer, a quiet feeding area, microwave, bottle sterilizing, changing area, and highchairs. A tent to get away from the hustle and bustle and get some quiet quality time with your little one.


Yes, Deer Shed hosts some of the best street food vendors mankind has ever tasted but try giving a korma or steak flatbread to a 1-year-old. - not ideal! We keep a small army of microwaves. At the ready so you can keep the tots well fed with the food that suits them best.

Bottle Sterilisation

Many of us at Deer Shed HQ are parents ourselves, so we know how important it is to have peace of mind when feeding your baby. That’s why we provide bottle sterilisation facilities to ensure no bugs make their way into any tummies and spoil an otherwise wonderful weekend.


Babies can be just a little bit demanding right? If they’re not sat in their highchair thrones, they’ll kick up a fuss or make more of a mess than usual. Worry not; babies are always treated like royalty at the festival, drop by the Welfare tent or Babes in Arms tent to pick one up.


Brought your toddler to Baldersby Park? Remembered everything except the nappies and baby wipe? Don’t worry, we’ve been there. Deer Shed has you and your baby’s backs covered (literally) with biodegradable eco friendly nappies and wipes available at the campsite shop, Welfare Tent or the Babes in Arms space.

Changing area

Picture the scene: you and the family are at the Main Stage, pulling shapes that would make Nadine Shah proud, when suddenly an unsavoury smell emanates from the little sones nappy… Luckily, our changing area is always just around the corner.

Ear Defenders

Ever left a loud gig or party with an incessant ringing in your ears? You might recover in a day or two if you’re lucky, but little ears are far more fragile…. Our high – fidelity PA speakers produce some glorious sounds, but it might upset those lovely little lugholes. If the kids don’t already have ear protection, make sure you pick up a pair of ear defenders from our merchandise tent to keep those high frequencies at bay.