Disability Access

Deer Shed Festival was established back in 2010, first and foremost, as a safe space for everyone to enjoy live music and arts. We work closely with Attitude is Everything, an organisation that ensures there are no barriers to live music for disabled audience members, and have been recognised with their Charter of Best Practice Silver Award.

This section has been designed to help inform your decision about whether Deer Shed is the right festival for you, enabling you to plan your weekend and navigate any potential inconveniences prior to arriving on-site. If you have questions that the guide doesn’t answer, or just want to chat to a member of our friendly team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via admin@deershedfestival.com.

Alternatively download the word document detailing our access options here.

Attitude Is Everything

Booking Access information - Personal Assistance Guest Ticket

We want everyone at Deer Shed to have the best experience possible. If you, or someone you know, has additional needs, please let us know so we can support you.

Did you know...if you’re attending Deer Shed and in receipt of DLA or PIP you can apply for a complimentary ticket for your personal assistant to support your throughout the weekend.

To let us know about your access requirements, or to apply for a complimentary PA ticket, please complete our 2023 Accessible Requirements Form and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

When you have heard from a member of our team, you will need to forward a copy of your DLA or PIP award letter and a copy of your festival ticket purchase email, which you will have received from our ticket outlet company. Having received this we'll send you an e-ticket for your Personal Assistance in June prior to the festival.

You will need to purchase any additional tickets for your party, including Parking and Campervan tickets, through the website. If you have any other questions about accessibility issues at Deer Shed Festival drop us a line and have a chat.

Accessible Campsite and Car Park

Deer Shed Festivals car park and campsite are open from Friday 29th July at 10am, please show your requested accessible passes or your blue badge to one of our stewards or security members. They will then direct you to the designated accessible parking and camping area. Please note you will be subject to our standard parking charge. The campsite manager will be briefed and a steward will be able to assist your arrival and set up of tents for the weekend, if required.

If you are arriving to site via public transport or taxi please let us know prior to arrival so that alternative arrangements can be made. Please email in advance if your taxi requires access to the Accessible Camping Area.

Deer Shed Festival takes place outdoors within 90 acres of grassed parkland and attracts approximately 10,000 people. Weather conditions will affect the overall state of the ground. It is particularly important for wheelchair users and those with mobility impairments to be aware that the main terrain at the festival is grassland. In the event of muddy land, efforts will be made to make this as accessible as possible with wood chip being placed at areas most effected, especially in to the main entrance of the arena.


All stewards/volunteers and security personal wearing purple or yellow Show Sec uniform and those wearing bright coloured t-shirts with the Deer Shed Logo have been briefed on our facilities for people who have access requirements. Please ask them for any advice or help you may need over the weekend. If they can’t give you an exact answer they will be able to contact the specific person for your needs who will be able to help.

Wheel Chairs, Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs & equipment charging

Free re-charging facilities are available through the Medic Station and Friends of the Earth next to Ticketing tent.


There are fridges in our Medic Stations - one opposite the Accessible Campsite and one next to Welfare & Information for medicines which is accessible 24 hours. Medication will need to be well labelled and bagged so that it is clearly identifiable when put in the medication fridge. Please notify the medics to collect your medication at a certain time.

Caravans and Campervans

There is a designated area for general caravans/campervans but this area is not designed of those with access requirements as it is 600 metres away from the main arena. Please let us know if you intend to site your campervan in the Accessible Campsite – you will require a pre-purchased Live-in vehicle ticket.

Toilets and Showers


One Accessible Toilet will be located at each block of toilets onsite. Accessible Toilets are also located in the Accessible Camping area along with the Mobiloo facility pictured above. A Mobiloo is a pop-up changing places facility with hoist, adult sized changing bench and all else you’d expect to find in a fully accessible toilet. Showers are located 50m metres from the Accessible Campsite. If this is too far for you to travel, we can arrange for a buggy to transport you there. When using the showers please notify the shower attendant and they will allow you to have additional time in the shower unit. There is an accessible shower unit which wheelchair users can access, although this does not contain a hoist.


We understand that autism is a spectrum condition, meaning each person’s experiences and requirements naturally differ. Deer Shed Festival can be an excitable and busy environment, but we strive to make it enriching, rewarding and, when required, relaxing for our autistic guests. If you or a member of your family has autism, we are very happy to consult directly on how we can best maximise your enjoyment and wellbeing across the weekend.

Please get in touch with admin@deershedfestival.com if you would like to discuss special considerations for your festival experience.

Strobe Lighting

Strobe lighting may be used at any time during the festival.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dog passes are welcome at Deer Shed Festival. Please let us know if you intend to bring an assistance dog before arrival using the form provided via email request. If this is the case, please make sure the dog is wearing the correct signage to identify their legitimacy on site.


We have a viewing platform for the Main Stage, In The Dock Stage & Big Top Stage only. Red wristband holders will have access to the viewing platforms. Access will be managed by a festival steward. Platforms have a capacity for 6 wheelchair users and 6 personal assistants.

Regarding other stages without platforms, please notify a steward or member of security if you would like a suitable viewing point to improve your view of the show. If there is a popular performance you are particularly eager to see, we recommend you turn up early to ensure we can secure you a good spot. the Each Stage Manager will be briefed on this protocol and efforts will be made to make sure this is completed. Alternatively to the side of front of house in our indoor stages there will be a floor-level space set aside for those with access requirements, please notify a member of our stage management team at that specific tent if you would like to use this area.

Accessibility by area

One of the great things about Deer Shed is the size: we’re big enough for you feel part of a special festival community in a spacious site for the three days you’re with us, but small enough that moving around site is doable for most of our guests. The distance from the Accessible Campsite to the furthest destination in the arena is 600 metres and our grass is cut short. Below is a detailed breakdown of each key area of the festival.

Accessible Campsite

The Accessible Campsite is located in a place which allows very fast access to the part of the arena containing our Main Stage. It contains somewhere to park the car, the main medic tent, an abundance of space, a team of helpers, a fridge for storing medicine and a sterile toilet. Electric hook ups can be made available for wheel chair charging and other electric equipment. Please contact us in advance of the festival to arrange this.

Main Stage

The open air Deer Shed Main Stage faces out onto a natural amphitheatre. There is flat land directly in front of the stage which then merges into a gradual incline (pictured below). We call it a hill or a fish bowl, but the terrain is not too steep for wheelchair users and much of our audience like to set up a base for the day here. Our viewing platform is based in the middle of the amphitheatre and can hold up to 6 wheelchair users. The closest bar – the Arbor Inn – is located just to the right of the Main Stage.

Main stage hill

The Wilderwild

The Wilderwild is a secluded, wooded area of Baldersby Park, created with the aim of reconnecting families with nature and the great outdoors. The main opening of The Wilderwild, which contains all of our bush-crafting workshops, is a grassy area that is accessible for wheel chairs. Some performances and art installations are located a little beyond this area, where the terrain becomes rougher. Due to the natural terrain, this area could become more challenging to access for our disabled guests in the event of very poor weather.

In The Dock Stage

The open-sided In The Dock Stage and Hill Top bar are located at the top of the gradual incline up from the Main Stage and a pathway is available to make this area more accessible. A drainage system is used here to maintain the standard of the terrain and our facilities team are always on standby across the weekend to lay woodchip to dry the ground. There is a toilet block with an accessible toilet and a few food and drink stalls next to In The Dock. Stage times for In The Dock and the Main Stage alternate, so you do not need to rush to see everything you want.

Food run

Other than the slight incline up to In The Dock from the Main Stage, the festival arena is almost completely flat. The food run separates the Main Stage/In The Dock area from the area containing the Big Top, Buckends and Lodge stages, as well as the science tent and arts workshops. There are plenty of tables, chairs and benches located here, as well a toilet block at the beginning of the food run.

Food run

Welfare & Information

Welfare & Information is at the far end of the food run, if you are approaching it from the Main Stage. Our friendly welfare staff are always happy to chat if you have any issues, require any assistance or would like to provide us with feedback. This can be a nice place to sit down and chill out away from the hustle and bustle of the festival - particularly due to the masses of comfy sofas! There is a fridge for storing medicine next to Welfare & Information, for ease of access whilst you are in the arena.

Sports Field

The entrance to our sports field is located just beyond the main food run if you are approaching from the Main Stage area. The field is meant for everybody and we have many different types of sport to suit all abilities. If you want to try something out, our staff and helpers will see to it that you can. The terrain is flat, well mown grass.

Lodge Stage & Pallet Stage

Like the Main and In The Dock stages, the Lodge and Pallet stages are located very nearby one another, just beyond the entrance to the sports field, and they also alternate stage time schedules to prevent any rushing around. The Pallet Stage is an open air stage, and the Lodge stage has wide open sides. There is a toilet block to the right of the Lodge Stage, as you are facing it.

The Hideaway

We launched The Hideaway in 2018 – a tent dedicated to wellbeing activities like yoga, gong baths, meditation and holistic treatments. It has an abundance of yoga mats and a large, open entrance and is located directly between the Pallet and Lodge stages.


While our Science Tent can be quite loud and busy, it is very spacious, with a length of 200ft. It has a wide entrance, a steady flow of foot traffic, a helpful team of volunteers and there is a wide selection of activities through which you can sit down and take the time to enjoy. It is located just beyond the Pallet Stage.

Workshops & Meadow Sensory Tent

The vast majority of our arts workshops are located in the area of the festival arena containing the Lodge Stage and Pallet Stage. These all have wide entrances, a team of helpful volunteers and can be a great place to get some respite if the excitement of the rest of the arena ever gets too much. The Meadow Sensory Tent is a place designed purely for chilling out, with many sensory delights for the young people to play with.

Buckends & Big Top

Buckends hosts most of our spoken word, literary and cinema events, while the Big Top hosts PG comedy and shows. These tents are located at the furthest point of the arena from the Accessible Campsite (600 metres). Our golf buggies are available transport you from the Accessible Campsite if you do struggle with that kind of distance.


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