New Deer Shed Ticket Payment Plan

Deer Shed Ticket Payment Plan 2

Deer Shed has partnered with The Ticket Sellers again to offer a second payment plan which allows you to split the bill for your tickets across three equal instalments. Opting for the payment plan does not mean you will end up paying more overall.

You can make your first payment at any time up until the first payment deadline (30th April 2021). The second and third payments will be taken automatically on the dates listed below, and you will be notified by email in advance of these dates.

It is important to note with this second payment plan that, if the festival is postponed and you request a refund, we cannot refund the booking fees. This does not apply to the first payment plan launched earlier in the year.

  • First payment made at any time up to 30th April 2021
  • Second payment taken automatically on 1st May 2021
  • Third payment taken automatically on 1st June 2021

If the payment is not completed by each deadline date, the reserved tickets will no longer be valid, and any previously deposited amount will be retained by Deer Shed.

The payment plan applies to all available ticket types, including adult tickets, child tickets, and live-in vehicle tickets.

Head on over to our ticketing page now to purchase the first instalment of your payment plan tickets.

Personal Assistant Tickets

Personal Assistant tickets will still be granted after the purchase of tickets via the payment plan. Simply forward your order confirmation email from The Ticket Sellers to and we will guide you through the process.

For more information about accessible provisions, please visit our access information page.


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