New Deer Shed Ticket Payment Plan New Deer Shed Ticket Payment Plan

Our new, limited-edition Christmas t-shirt is coming to town!

Whaddya think? We love it, especially as it was created by our favourite designer, Army of Cats, and it’s on super high quality, organic Stanley/Stella cotton.

How can I get one (or two) of these t-shirts?

Get two t-shirts for FREE if you are an existing ticket holder for Deer Shed Festival 11. You just have to get your friends or another family to come along and perhaps send them your second tee!

Otherwise, they are available through our online shop.

I've got my tickets for Deer Shed 11 and want to claim my free t-shirts. What do I have to do?

1. Identify some friends or another family to come along to the festival in 2021.

2. Get them to buy their tickets – they can pay either all at once or by spreading the cost across three instalments with our ticket payment plan.

3. Send your original transaction number and their transaction number to

4. We will send you 2 x £20 coupon codes to redeem against the Christmas t-shirts in our online shop. We have loads of sizing options for both adults and kids.

Other important things to know...

  • The promotion runs between the dates 21/10/20 – 29/11/2020.
  • The offer does not cover P&P (£4.20 per t-shirt).
  • Coupons must be requested by 29/11/20 and redeemed before the coupon expiry date of 02/12/20.
  • The existing ticket holder must present two transaction numbers within their email to redeem the coupon codes.
  • One of the transactions must have taken place on or after October 21st 2020.
  • Each transaction must include one adult ticket as a minimum.
  • Deer Shed will send one t-shirt coupon code per transaction.
  • The latest date you will receive your t-shirt is 23/12/2020, though they may arrive earlier.
  • If you are a volunteer or ambassador you can still apply.


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