Deer Shed Festival 11 - Incognito!

Since we finished packing away Deer Shed 10 we've been asking ourselves a number of questions. What more can Deer Shed be? What is left unexplored? How can we keep ourselves and most importantly keep you guys excited?

On top of the usual music, comedy, science and sport, the last decade of Deer Shed has seen the festival produce immersive theatre, site-wide participation games, interactive art, and even a feature film – all with the aim of placing the Deer Shed audience at the heart of the action.

So here we go, combining everything we have learned over the last decade into our most ambitious theme to date for Deer Shed Festival 11. Everything hinges on your powers of perception, deception, stealth, problem solving, and general sneakiness.

Curious? Excited? Nervous? Us too! But fear not, THE EYE is here to guide us through...


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