Final music announcement

Full steam ahead for 2021 - posted 25.02.2021

In light of the recent government unlocking roadmap, we are now working flat out to bring you an amazing festival!

We will bring you the maximum possible fun in July and that currently looks like a full fat Deer Shed 11.

The safety of everyone in attendance will always come first, and should circumstances change, none of our audience will lose out.

Tickets available here.

Deer Shed team xx

Some FAQs for you

I have tickets that I rolled over from 2020, what do I need to do?

All tickets from 2020 are valid for 2021. Nothing you need to do.

I can't find my tickets, it was such a long time ago!

Indeed it was. But you'll need to log into Eventbrite with the email address you used to purchase.

If you are still struggling shout us on

One of my kids has now crossed a ticket age boundary, do I need a new ticket?

No. The age of your child as of July 2020 the important thing here.

I really don't think the festival will be safe for me or one of our party. What are my options?

Firstly, it might be worth waiting a while and seeing where we are as we push towards summer.

However, on an individual basis we will consider a rollover of tickets to 2022, please send requests to

If the festival is postponed again will I be offered a refund?

Yes, in the event of postponement of the 2021 festival you can have a refund or a rollover to 2022.

Will there be any changes to the programme?

We are expecting the programme to be more volatile than in a normal year as you might expect. Unfortunately, if your favourite band pulls out late in the day we will not consider it a valid cause for a refund as per our T&C's.

What precautions will you put in place to make Deer Shed COVID safe?

The safety of our attendees is our top priority. Along with the Association Of Independent Festivals we are working closely with DCMS and PHE to ensure a safe return. A number of pilot events are taking place over the next few months and the industry as a whole will consult on all aspects of safely running music festivals.

Is this actually going to happen?

Currently, yes it is. We will monitor the unlocking and the safety of our attendees remains paramount.

Might you have to stage a smaller event?

It is possible that we have to have a limited capacity event, though we will not know this for a number of months.

I have a question not covered here!

Please email and we'll get back to you soon as we can.


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