The Comet Is ComingSpotify

The Comet Is Coming

Born of a cosmic coincidence that saw saxophonist King Shabaka spontaneously join keyboard player Danalogue and drummer Betamax on stage, The Comet Is Coming create a musical shockwave of pure energy that is quite literally out of this world.

Channeling the extra-terrestrial influence of legendary band leader and self-styled cosmic philosopher Sun Ra, The Comet Is Coming throw improv jazz, Afrobeat and electronica into a black hole blender for spectacular, intergalactic results.

The band rightfully received a Mercury nomination in 2016 for their debut record ‘Channel The Spirits’ and, just as the prophecy foretold, are landing in Topcliffe to take us all to space with them. So, grab your moon boots, get yourself down to the Main Stage and prepare to dance yourself into a different dimension....

Public Service BroadcastingSpotify

Public Service Broadcasting

For over 10 years, instrumental masterminds Public Service Broadcasting have been capturing pivotal moments in time and transforming them into audio-visual spectacles via the medium of modular synthesizers, flugelhorn and, of course, the all important vibraslap...

From The summit of Everest to the depths of Britain’s last coal mine via landing on the moon; PSB’s J. Willgoose, Esq. et al will have all this and more in their sumptuous, cinematic stage show right here in Baldersby Park. The band’s latest release, ‘Bright Magic’, is inspired by illumination, in every sense of the word. Recorded in Berlin, the album features the high frequency fizz and popping electrical pulse of Leipziger Straße, site of the city’s first electric streetlight, so we expect The Main Stage to be ‘buzzing’ for some time to come!

The DelgadosSpotify

The Delgados

We still can’t believe we get to say this but The Delgados are bringing Deer Shed 23 to a close, The *actual* Delgados!

Formed in 1994, by the band’s own admission The Delgados was an easy-going, effortless project involving two people who couldn’t play very well and two people who couldn’t play at all. But together the beloved Scottish group crafted five albums of fuzzed up, shoegaze indie-pop perfection and in the process unwittingly founded Chemikal Underground; Glasgow’s own legendary label and home to the likes of Mogwai and Arab Strap.

In fact, we should probably thank Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai, it was his wedding that brought The Delgados back together after 17 years apart; so thank you Stuart and thank you to The Delgados for coming down to play for us!

Gaz CoombesSpotify

Gaz Coombes

You know how it goes: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, after Gaz Coombes’ captivating set at Deer Shed 9 there was no way we’d miss the opportunity to have him back for Deer Shed 13!

Drawing from his four fantastic solo records, including brand new album ‘Turn The Car Around’, not to mention the sprawling musical repertoire of a certain Supergrass, we can’t wait to see Gaz’ glorious sideburns again and hear what the certified Deer Shed legend has up his sleeve this time.

The Big MoonSpotify

The Big Moon

We’ve been firm fans of The Big Moon since 2017, when they blew us away with tunes from their Mercury-nominated debut ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’ at Deer Shed 8. Six years later and fresh off the back of their cloudbusting 3rd album ‘Here Is Everything’, we’re over the moon (sorry) to have them back in Baldersby Park.

Since last we met, the four-piece have gone from strength to strength, playing their lunar lo-fi indie rock on stage with good pal George Ezra and on the telly with the legend that is Jools Holland. Blimey, we can’t wait to catch up with them!

This Is The KitSpotify

This Is The Kit

We just adore This Is The Kit here at Deer Shed HQ and we’re not alone; frontperson Kate Stables and her rotating crew are beloved of a bevy of 6 Music DJs including Guy Garvey, Lauren Laverne and Cerys Matthews, not to mention fellow incredible musicians Sharon van Etten, The National and Iron & Wine who have all shared stages with ‘The Kit.

With a beautiful balance of songwriting and storytelling, Kate and company weave together folk infused polyrhythms and countermelodies that reflect the unpredictable currents of contemporary life, from the calm to the chaos.



We’re calling it now; Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness, aka BCUC, are going to blow our minds! Comprising vocalists, rappers, percussionists, bass players and more; the 7-piece collective flow between the 11 official languages of their native South Africa in their mesmerising, longform arrangements.

Inspired by the healing properties of their tribal ancestors’ music, BCUC bring tradition to the here and now by marrying ritualistic chanting with pulsing basslines and driving grooves. The band already count Femi Kuti and Saul Williams as fans and collaborators and after you see them live, they’ll be counting all of us in too!

Dream WifeSpotify

Dream Wife

We’ve been in awe of Dream Wife ever since they exploded into life in 2016. Their fierce, unapologetically punk rock sound tackles issues relating to feminism, gender roles and body image in a music industry that is still missing more female, queer and non-binary voices.

Fresh from supporting none other than The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park, Dream Wife join us in Thirsk to channel the groundbreaking attitude of veritable queens of the scene like Le Tigre, Madonna and Bowie into a more inclusive and empowered creative community.

‘Community is everything,’ says singer Rakel Mjöll. ‘If you’re doing this alone, how incredibly boring would that be?’ We couldn’t agree more Rakel, see you there!



It’s not often that anyone can say they’re directly responsible for the resurgence of an endangered language but Cardiff-born, multi-lingual sound artist Gwenno certainly can! Raised by a Cornish poet father and a Welsh activist mother, Gwenno’s all-Cornish 2018 record ‘Le Kov’ caused a 15% increase in people learning the language. How cool is that?!

Keeping it Cornish, Gwenno’s Mercury nominated, folk-pop album ‘Tresor’ completely blew us away last year. Inspired by powerful international women, the singer, artist and producer layers sounds found around the world to decouple language from place and create new, imaginative spaces for her audience to explore. Our bags are packed!

Rae MorrisSpotify

Rae Morris

As if we didn’t already adore Rae Morris enough, the Blackpool-born but London-based singer’s 2022 album ‘Rachel@Fairyland’ is a luscious love letter to the north. Sumptuous piano arrangements, shimmering synth work and pop percussion support Morris’ unmistakable voice and eccentric way with words.

Signed to a major label at just 19, Rae was swept down south into the belly of the beast but her latest release finds Morris’ at home again, quite literally, having been recorded in her own basement. With eclectic tunes that marry Kate Bush and St. Vincent, we can’t wait to welcome Rae back up north where she belongs!

Steam DownSpotify

Steam Down

Seriously, we couldn’t not invite London’s unstoppable improv jazz ensemble Steam Down along to Deer Shed 13! Born from the infamous weekly jam session of the same name; the in-demand, 11-plus strong collective fuse smooth neo-soul with furious, Fela Kuti-fuelled acid jazz.

Multi-instrumentalist founder Ahnansé effortlessly conducts both band and audience; toes start tapping and fingers start snapping as the pressure builds into an explosive release of body-rocking rhythm and spirit-lifting sound. If you've experienced Steam Down before, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. If you haven't, now’s your chance to get acquainted!

W. H. LungSpotify

W. H. Lung

Originally envisioned as a studio project, W. H. Lung never had any intentions of performing live. However, that quickly changed as soon as their first batch of songs appeared online and show offers started flooding in! Blending the icy synth-pop of ‘70s Berlin with danceable post punk precision; W. H. Lung are a force to be reckoned with.

Having been making music together since school, the tight-knit group have got a great sense of humour too; named not after an austere poet of old, but the Chinese cash ‘n’ carry down the road in their native Manchester!



When writing music, Grove takes inspiration from how people move to their tunes. The singer, DJ and producer teases audiences with unreleased versions of tracks to see how their explosive mix of dancehall, jungle and rave makes people move.

Having grown up playing in a metal band in Cheltenham; Grove is an exciting and truly unique fusion of identities. Taking influence from the black and queer communities too, Grove tells us to “chuck dancehall, punk, pop and jungle in a blender, whisk it up, pop it in your glass and that’s a bit of me.” Well Grove, that sounds like a bit of us too!

Panic ShackSpotify

Panic Shack

Yesssss! Cardiff-based noiseniks Panic Shack are the punk band we’ve been waiting for; starting from scratch in 2018, the five-piece are already giving the stale, male-dominated music industry a much deserved kick up the behind.

Armed with barbed guitars, double time drums and sugar-sweet backing vocals, sardonic lead singer Sarah ‘Hardbeats’ Harvey leads the band as they confront contemporary issues like toxic masculinity, gender roles and meal-deal dilemmas with contagious humour and so many infectious hooks.

We’re constantly singing their high octane hit ‘Jiu Jits You’ under our breath and, after witnessing Panic Shack in person, we reckon you will be too!

Plastic MermaidsSpotify

Plastic Mermaids

We’re telling you, there’s got to be something in the water on the Isle of Wight… Multifaceted five-piece Plastic Mermaids made the short hop to the mainland in 2019 to deliver their debut ‘Suddenly Everyone Explodes’ and we’ve been obsessed with their concoction of shoegaze euphoria and bittersweet balladry ever since.

Now signed to Rob Da Bank’s definitively leftfield label Sunday Best, last year saw Plastic Mermaids release their second album, ‘It’s Not Comfortable To Grow’, which charts the trajectory of a doomed relationship with an eccentric, playful beauty like a homegrown Flaming Lips. Seriously, do not miss this one.

Rozi PlainSpotify

Rozi Plain

There really is no one quite like Rozi Plain. Across four albums and an array of incredible collaborations, Rozi radiates an unmistakable vibe... Her perfectly formed, haiku-like verses loop and lilt across pared back, augmented instrumental compositions led by Rozi’s own hand-built guitar.

In a fast paced world of constant commotion, Rozi Plain welcomes us into the calm comfort of someone else’s dream; at once familiar but exotic and intriguing too... We’ve been basking in the fuzzy, neo-folk beauty of ‘PRIZE’, Rozi’s latest album, all year and we highly recommend that you join us.

Skinny PelembeSpotify

Skinny Pelembe

Hailing from Johannesburg by way of Doncaster, Skinny Pelembe’s creative offerings cover just as much ground. The enigmatic maestro’s syncopated vocal delivery floats above a tapestry of sun-soaked folk, laid back psychedelia and afro-tipped, UK dancehall vibes.

Discovered by the main man Gilles Peterson as part of the DJ’s Future Bubblers Programme, Skinny Pelembe might’ve only come an hour up the road to see us here in Thirsk but the propulsive, eclectic energy of his music has clearly traveled the world over.

The Mary WallopersSpotify

The Mary Wallopers

Charles and Andrew Hendy and Seán McKenna are on a mission to bring traditional Irish folk music to the 21st century. Raised on a diet of the Dubliners, the Dundalk trio started The Mary Wallopers to poke fun at how serious the genre has become...

For example; we first caught wind of the Wallopers when, trapped inside by lockdown, the Hendy brothers turned their front room into a bar and the band live streamed their tongue in cheek take on the craic to over 40,000 people. With an expanded line up in tow, the boys are promising us a knees up not to be missed!

All Day Breakfast CafeSpotify

All Day Breakfast Cafe

The all-female funk soul seven-piece super group known as All Day Breakfast Cafe emerged from lockdown ready to share their piping hot debut EP, ‘Builder’s Brew’, with the world.

This playful nod to Miles Davis’ pivotal album of a *ahem* similar name sums ADBC up to a 'tea'. Inspired by the likes of Chic and Chaka Khan, the Cafe crew blend horn hooks, disco grooves and unbridled joy and have already caught the attention of cool cats like Jamz Supernova.

Oh and All Day Breakfast Cafe are partial to holding impromptu dance offs, egg-n-spoon races and pancake flipping contents during their set, so you'd best get practicing!



Poised to throw ‘The Great Regression’, their acerbic, proto-punk debut into the ring in 2019 before *all that* happened, Brighton’s own Ditz decided to hold their breath. Boy, are we glad they did; the result is a veritable eruption of sawtooth distortion, swaggering rage and fist-pumping groove.

Channeling everything from Nine Inch Nails to At The Drive-In, Ditz are here to remind us that whilst there’s still plenty to be angry about, it’s not gonna stop us dancing. Oh, and we reckon album highlight ‘I Am Kate Moss’ puts Ditz in contention for the 2023 Deer Shed Best Song Name Award, don’t you?

Holiday GhostsSpotify

Holiday Ghosts

‘60s infused, pop-rock melting pot Holiday Ghosts are a real breath of coastal fresh air. Determined to do things differently, Brighton based core members Katja Rackin (drums/vocals) and Sam Stacpoole (guitar/vocals) surround themselves with an ever-rotating cast of contributors to produce their eclectic yet distinctive rock ‘n’ roll earworms.

Having signed to none other than FatCat Records in 2021, the band are writing songs faster than they can keep up with and, whilst we’re not sure who or what to expect when Holiday Ghosts pay us a visit here in Topcliffe, we’re certainly ready to boogie.

Jim GhediSpotify

Jim Ghedi

Sheffield-based Jim Ghedi has kept himself busy! The poet, instrumentalist and singer has been delving deep into the rich history of grassroots British folk music, resurrecting all but forgotten songs and giving them an exciting, contemporary twist.

Combining these incredible folk finds with Sheffield’s own history of music, Ghedi takes inspiration from industrial synth icons like Cabaret Voltaire and Artery to transform musical echoes of the past into post-punk, neo-folk clarion calls. Yep, the result is as jaw-droppingly cool as it sounds.

Pale Blue EyesSpotify

Pale Blue Eyes

Pale Blue Eyes have quite literally worked their socks off to be where they are today, from overnight shifts in a soup factory to moonlighting as a tree surgeon’s assistant!

They’ve put pretty much every penny earned straight into the band and, fortunately for us, it has most definitely paid off; the poignant, sparkling, kraut-infused dream pop of their 2022 astounding debut record ‘Souvenirs’ is on constant repeat here at Shed HQ.

Based in Totnes and born out of Devon’s iconic Sea Change Festival, we’re delighted that PBE are winding their way up north to come see us!

Sister WivesSpotify

Sister Wives

Originally signed to the wonderfully named Sheffield DIY label Delicious Clam, Sister Wives aren’t your usual Steel City affair… Steeped in Welsh mythology, the four-piece tell bilingual tales of rolling hills, water magic and witchcraft on last year’s spellbinding debut album ‘Y Gawres’, which translates as ‘The Giantess’.

Powered by post-punk, glam rock and traditional folk harmonies, Sister Wives stand out as doing something truly original; celebrating the beauty of the Welsh language and, with half the band having had babies recently, refusing to compromise or apologise for being creative women. We also think Sister Wives are also strong contenders for Deer Shed 13's best dressed band!

Stephen Durkan and The Acid CommuneSpotify

Stephen Durkan and The Acid Commune

Fresh off the back of his exhilarating debut EP, ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Ourselves’, multi-talented Glaswegian artist Stephen Durkan is bringing his Acid Commune band down to Baldersby Park.

A creative culture clash of acoustic arpeggios, driving drum and bass and Durkan’s distinctive, freewheeling spoken word in which the frontman single handedly dismantles the societal individualism that defines our every waking moment. It’s liberating, thought-provoking stuff and we’re more than ready for Stephen and his friends to open our minds.

The Utopia StrongSpotify

The Utopia Strong

If you’ve never heard The Utopia Strong before, the band might sound like the start of a bad pun; a snooker world champion and two psychedelic wizards walk into a bar…

However, the punchline is no joke. Experimental obsessives Steve Davis, Kavus Torabi and Michael J. York leave their past lives at the door; stepping into a brave new world of looping modular synthesizers, crystalline chimes and cosmic delays that seem to spiral ever upwards.

We’d say listen to piano experimentalist Tim Hecker or avant-garde Australian jazzers The Necks in preparation, but really, The Utopia Strong need to be seen to be believed.

Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development PlanSpotify

Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan

…You savor the drizzle on your face as you take in the view from atop one of the towering, brutalist concrete monoliths that litter the horizon… Sorry, we lost ourselves for a moment there; the minimal soundscapes of the mysterious Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan (aka Gordon Chapman-Fox) will do that to you.

W-RNTDP's latest release is a lo-fi, synthesized soundtrack to an imaginary documentary that charts the promising rise and inevitable fall of the UK’s ‘New Town’ developments towards the end of the 20th century. Confused? Picture Blade Runner, but set it in Runcorn and let Gordon do the rest.


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