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James Spotify


Is there another British band with a back catalogue of seminal guitar anthems as large and glorious as James’? Manchester, where it all began for Tim Booth and the rest of the seven-piece outfit, has indeed produced more than its fair share of colossal artists, but few have been as prolific as James over such a long period since their formation in 1982. Listening to Fresh As A Daisy, a singles collection released in 2007, you realise how consistently outstanding their output has been. ‘Sit Down’, ‘Destiny Calling’, ‘Laid’, ‘Waltzing Along’, ‘Come Home’, ‘She’s A Star’ – the list is endless.

That certainly isn’t to say that James now stand simply as a heritage act. Astonishingly, since that mega compilation, they have gone on to release a further six superb studio albums. The latest of these records is 2018’s critically acclaimed Living in Extraordinary Times, which retains the band’s signature sound and raw emotion, but deals expertly with contemporary social issues like Trump and Brexit. As Damien Morris notes in his Guardian review, “Remarkably, this 15th album might be their best”. It fills us with unbridled joy to reveal that James will headline the Main Stage on Saturday at Deer Shed Festival 11 armed this release, and a selection of their infinite classics.

Stereolab Spotify


Originally formed in 1990, Stereolab were the soundtrack to our 20s when we lived in that there London. Also the band that created one of our fave intros ever in the superb ‘French Disko’ (featured here on Spotify). A simple yet razor sharp intro, settling rather exquisitely into the main body of the track. Second only to ‘Two Tribes’, but shorter and with less of a sense of impending thermo-nuclear apocalypse!

Echoing Charles Dickens’ A Tale Of Two Cities, Stereolab combine their song-writing team of Tim Gane and Lætitia Sadier to great effect. It is impossible to pin down the exact contributions but you can attribute the many influences on the Stereolab sound yourself. From surrealism, to shoegaze, minimalism, easy-listening and the avant-garde. Guitar chord progressions over moog opus and vox continental organ drones. We are quite made up that such a seminal band are going to appear on the Deer Shed main stage – sure to be an utterly mesmerising end to your Friday evening.

Baxter Dury Spotify

Baxter Dury

In 2017, Baxter Dury released what the Deer Shed team and many critics regarded as one of the best albums of the year in Prince of Tears - a cinematic confessional from an artist trying to stay afloat on the seas of relationship failure, complete with some of the best basslines we’ve heard since the turn of the century. Returning in November 2019 with ‘Slum Lord’, the fantastic first single from his upcoming sixth studio album, The Night Chancers, Dury has announced what promises to be his richest and most expansive musical palette to date.

It may be difficult for some of us of *ahem* a certain age to separate the name “Dury” from that of Baxter’s father, Ian. While the punk spirit and masterful poeticism of the latter lives on through the former, trading often in taboo subjects and midnight tales, there is no doubting who the 21st century belongs to. Featuring regular collaborators – including backing vocalists Madeline Hart, Rose Elinor Dougall and Skinny Girl Diet’s Delilah Holliday – we expect The Night Chancers, due for release in March 2020, to be a work of pure art befitting a Sunday night headline performance on the Deer Shed Festival 11 main stage.

Ghostpoet Spotify


For many musicians, a nomination for the Mercury Prize can be lifechanging. For Obaro Ejimiwe, aka Ghostpoet, to collect nominations for two of his four acclaimed studio albums to date – 2011’s Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam and 2015’s Shedding Skin - speaks directly to the originality of the records he produces. In our humble opinion, though, 2017’s Dark Days + Canapés became his most inspired release to date. Ejimiwe utilises the tension and unease hanging in the air of modern Britain through recent tumultuous years as the platform for his often harrowing, but always masterfully poetic, musings on our society.

This may all sound a little depressing, but Ghostpoet’s songs essentially serve as much-needed catharsis in the darkest of days. As we enter 2020, many of us may feel a sense of unease or anxiety about what may lie ahead, which makes artists like Ghostpoet an essential tonic. Thank goodness the turn of the decade arrives along with the hope of new music to come from Ejimiwe.

Cate Le Bon Spotify

Cate Le Bon

As early Deer Shed music line-ups go, it’s fair to say 2014 was a vintage year. Johnny Marr, British Sea Power, Stornoway, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Wolf Alice, and the exceptional Cate Le Bon all joined us for an unforgettable weekend of music, but if you’d told us we wouldn’t see the latter return to Baldersby Park until six years later, we’d have looked back at you in horror! Thankfully, after the release of her critically acclaimed fifth studio album, Reward, we finally get to welcome her back to North Yorkshire this July.

Be it on her more minimalist, acoustic-leaning 2009 debut album Me Oh My or critically acclaimed, liquid-riffed 2013 LP Mug Museum, Cate Le Bon’s solo work has always resisted pigeonholing, walking the tightrope between krautrock aloofness and heart-breaking tenderness; deadpan served with a twinkle in the eye, a flick of the fringe and a lick of the Telecaster. 2019’s Myths 004 is her best work to date, and we couldn’t resist booking Cate for the Main Stage.

Tim Burgess Spotify

Tim Burgess

After thirty-two years, on and off, as the lead singer of Manchester indie rock band The Charlatans, it’s safe to say Tim Burgess is northern rock royalty. Joining the band in 1989, after many other singers had auditioned but failed to secure the gig, his Jagger-inspired rock ‘n’ roll swagger, launched The Charlatans into their first record deal with Beggars Banquet Records in 1990. Outlasting many Madchester bands, including their heroes The Stones Roses and The Happy Mondays, The Charlatans’ reputation grew exponentially as the years rolled on.

The turn of the millennium saw Burgess release his debut solo album I Believe, which transcended the Madchester, shoegaze, and Britpop sounds that The Charlatans helped to launch. His latest album, As I Was Now is, according to Pop Matters, “the most personal, revealing music Burgess has released in a long, varied career”, and it’ll be an honour to see Tim headline In The Dock.

The Twilight Sad Spotify

The Twilight Sad

From their unassuming origins as a group of school friends drawn together by a shared passion for music to the global touring force they have quietly become, The Twilight Sad’s ascent has been forged the old way: with grit, graft and four exceptional studio albums. The latest of these albums, 2019’s IT WON/T BE LIKE THIS FOREVER felt like a long-overdue tipping point for a band now widely regarded as one of Scotland’s finest.

In the words of the great Robert Smith, “If the world was a better place they would be playing to more people, and I think they can”. Headlining Saturday’s In The Dock bill, presented by two of Yorkshire’s finest independent music venues, Brudenell Social Club and The Crescent, The Twilight Sad are heading to Baldersby Park this summer with with their clearest sense of purpose yet, and a visceral collection of dark, brooding and anthemic rock songs.

Warmduscher Spotify


Like many of the inner-city festival’s attendees in 2018, we had Warmduscher high up on our list of must-see bands at The Great Escape. Running a little late, we were absolutely gutted to find the huge queue to see them was still snaking around the streets of Brighton twenty minutes into their performance. This level of demand comes with the territory when a band’s collection of ardent fans includes the likes of Marc Riley and Iggy Pop.

Warmduscher are a group of miscreants, known only by their aliases: Clams Baker Jr, Lightnin’ Jack Everett, Salt Fingers, Quicksand and Dr. Withers aka Little Whiskers. Tainted Lunch, one of BBC 6 Music’s 2019 Albums of the Year, is their latest of three industrial post-punk studio albums, featuring amazing tunes like ‘Disco Peanuts’, ‘Midnight Dipper’ and ‘Burner’. The band’s live show has left thousands across the UK and Europe desperate for more, which bodes well for their Main Stage performance at Deer Shed!

Sinkane Spotify


Sinkane (aka Ahmed Gallab) produces a mixture of funk-fuelled krautrock, prog-rock, free-jazz, electronica and Sudanese pop. It’s simply impossible not to let a beaming smile spread across your face when listening to the fruits of Gallab’s supreme song-writing ability. If you’ve never heard a tune and thought “I bet that’d sound a bit good on the Deer Shed main stage, out in the glorious North Yorkshire sunshine,” then it really is time to give this joyous band a listen.

Dépaysé (a French word that basically means “to be removed from one's habitual surroundings”) is Sinkane’s latest record in a stellar collection of seven studio albums. Opening track ‘Everybody’ is a celebration of collective action, togetherness and human brotherhood, made all the more pertinent by the knowledge that, as a child, Gallab and his family fled Sudan following a 1989 military coup. It’s an uplifting middle finger to the divisive, isolationist political climate we live in today. With the promise of new material in the New Year, we are delighted to finally be welcoming Sinkane to Baldersby Park this summer, after a pursuit that, between you and me, stretched across some years!

Boy Azooga Spotify

Boy Azooga

Cardiff-based Boy Azooga is piloted by Davey Newington, a young man with much musical heritage. Early singles ‘Face Behind Her Cigarette’ and ‘Loner Boogie’ fused psych and funk to a masterful degree, previewing what turned out to be one of the best breakthrough albums of 2018, and one of the most popular sets from an emerging band at Deer Shed Festival 9. Rarely have we seen so many Deer Shedders dancing along at the Main Stage so early in the day!

Returning to our speakers at the tail end 2019 with new single ‘O Silly Me’; a dreamy number written by Davey during a period of worry, intended to ease any worries for the listener. Deer Shed music announcements can sometimes cause us a little bit of worry, so I can attest that this is a tune that will chill you right out! We’ve been wanting Boy Azooga back for another performance since the moment they walked off the Main Stage a couple of years ago, and we know you’re gonna fall in love with them all over again.

Dream Wife Spotify

Dream Wife

The first thing to say about Dream Wife is they write arty, indie bangers that compel anyone in earshot to lose it dancing or chanting “Dream Wife for life” at the top of their voice. Bashing out staccato guitar riffs and anthemic lyrics that shred and buzz like Gossip or Le Tigre at their peak, it’s little wonder their riotous, self-titled debut album in 2018 was universally adored by fans and critics alike, with the NME and others awarding them 5-star reviews.

The second thing is that the Icelandic-Brightonian star trio, comprised of Rakel Mjoll, Alice Go and Bella Popadec, are exactly the type of band you’d want your kids to grow up listening to (give or take the odd expletive). Though we never ask artists to censor their material, vocalist Rakel changed one of their more provocative lyrics, from the tune ‘F.U.U’, to “Eye spy with my little eye bad witches”, before taking time out after their set to meet their adoring young fans. Thoroughly good eggs, on top of being one of the best young live bands in the country.

Roody Woomble Spotify

Roody Woomble

Another artist making a return to the festival for the first time since 2017 is Roddy Woomble, widely regarded as one of Scotland’s finest songwriters. Known for his enigmatic lyrics, warm baritone voice and consummate gift for a tune, Roddy has released five solo albums to date as well as fronting much loved Scottish alternative rock band Idlewild, releasing eight studio albums, and touring worldwide as a headline act, but also in support to R.E.M., Pearl Jam and U2 amongst others.

With new solo material on its way in the New Year, said to be leaning more towards a spoken word style than his previous songs, we predict that 2020 will be a very big year for Roddy Woomble, and it’ll be a great pleasure to welcome him back for a headline performance on the Lodge stage.

Jesca Hoop Spotify

Jesca Hoop

Jesca Hoop creates music that feels “like swimming in a lake at night”. This description doesn’t just come from any no-mark writing her bio on a festival website; it comes from legendary American songwriter and the “grandfather of heavy metal”, Tom Waits. In our opinion, the song ’Murder of Birds’ from her 2009 album, Haunting My Dress, is one of the most evocative pieces of music you are ever likely to listen to, featuring Hoop’s trademark finger-plucked guitar and devastating vocal harmonies with Elbow’s Guy Garvey.

Memories Are Now, released in 2017, covered a great deal of ground, with themes ranging from the mythic to the deeply intimate, showcasing every edge and curve of her voice, which captivated the Lodge stage audience at Deer Shed 8. The follow up to this, 2019’s Stonechild, released via Memphis Industries is her best yet: beautiful, subtle and stark. Prepare to be utterly mesmerised by this fantastic artist.

Snapped Ankles Spotify

Snapped Ankles

We first encountered Snapped Ankles back in 2016, before the release of their debut album Come Play The Trees , while browsing through the roster of their independent Leeds-based record company, The Leaf Label. It seems Snapped Ankles were purpose-built for release via The Leaf Label, particularly when you read the label’s demo submission policy: “If you are a straightforward indie rock band we are probably not interested. If you make straightforward dance music, we are probably not interested […] we're looking for music that is fresh and original, that puts all the elements together in a way that we haven't heard before”.

The easiest assertion you can make about Snapped Ankles is they are anything but straightforward. Fusing primal krautrock with post-punk and psych sounds, the East London band aim to “maintain the feral energy of the forest”. Flourishing in the sub-tropical climes of warehouses and squat parties across the country, their performance art is intended to appeal to the base instincts of the listener, instigate dancing to atypical motorik rhythms, and subvert all expectations of what a live music performance can achieve.

The Soft Cavalry Spotify

The Soft Cavalry

With their heartfelt mix of dream pop, shoegaze, and post-rock, the Soft Cavalry is the project of Slowdive's Rachel Goswell and her husband, Steve Clarke. Following on from Goswell’s recent collaboration with the likes of American Football, Mercury Rev and Beach Fossils, the duo's 2019 eponymous debut album sees Clarke take the lead on a collection of beautiful songs about love, doubt, and creative rebirth.

The Soft Cavalry, who met when Steve Clarke tour managed for Slowdive, are yet another genius signing from Brighton-based record label Bella Union, who have released a long line of some of our favourite acts to have ever appeared on past Deer Shed line-ups. Their atmospheric live show promises a seriously special performance to add to an already remarkable Lodge Stage line-up on Saturday.

Melt Yourself Down Spotify

Melt Yourself Down

In the last few years, the UK jazz scene has absolutely exploded. Artists like Comet is Coming, Black Flower and Sons of Kemet all owe something to the hard work of Melt Yourself Down, who’ve paved the way for them since the release of their debut single ‘Release!’ in 2013.

Two critically acclaimed albums later, the band continue to produce sounds that could comfortably find a home being played out in any night club across the country, as well as any inner-city jazz club. Led by sax innovator Max Wareham Melt Yourself Down’s desire to create new sonic pathways is an integral philosophy – one they will bring to Baldersby Park this July to fill the esteemed late-night, post-headline slot on the Lodge. There will be dancing!

Liz Lawrence Spotify

Liz Lawrence

In 2012, Lawrence self-released her debut album Bedroom Hero, sweet folk-pop songs that she had written as a teenager. She had been through the major label machine, and was dropped before the record came out - a story that she turns into a warning shot for other young women on her irrepressible latest single, ‘USP’. She spent a few years finding her way again, including time as one half of a pop duo, Cash + David, and singing with her friends Bombay Bicycle Club, which took her on a two-year-long tour around the world.

Eventually, after a few years of teaching herself how to produce, she realised that she had become good enough to make her own music in the way she wanted to make it, on her own terms. She released the first fruits of this experimental labour throughout 2018, as a series of double A-side single releases: Chainsmoking, Circling Numbers, and The Good Part. But none of these singles are on latest album Pity Party. "The point was to clear things out, re-establish what I was up to, and what I was doing," she says. It gave her the space she needed to rediscover her own identity – one the Deer Shed team are giddy to watch live on our main stage.

LIFE Spotify


Hull’s post-punk absurdist polemics LIFE made quite an impact with their DIY debut album. 2017’s Popular Music was championed by BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq and won firm fans (and friends) in fellow post-punkers Idles. Most unexpectedly, Popular Music even ended up in BBC Radio 1 Albums of The Year list, where Life’s gnarly, Humberside riffs and scattergun wordplay kept unlikely – but deserved - company with the likes of Jay-Z, Skepta, and Wolf Alice.

Two years on, their eagerly awaited second album, A Picture Of Good Health, upped the ante musically and lyrically. After its release in 2019, the album was labelled “a stand-out record” by The Line of Best Fit, “indispensable” by DIY Magazine, and led The Guardian’s to list LIFE as one of their 50 essential new artists for 2020. Their fanbase has continued to grow substantially since, with sustained support slots alongside Kaiser Chiefs and 21st Century punk heroes, Idles. LIFE’s next stop is Deer Shed’s In The Dock stage, and they’re sure to go down a storm.

Marsicans Spotify


Out of all the brilliant bands emerging from the Leeds music scene right now, Marsicans are one of the safest bets for mainstream success. After cultivating an adoring fanbase – not just in Yorkshire, but across the country – through the release of various early singles and EPs since 2014, the indie quartet sold out their own show at Leeds Stylus and headlined the BBC Music stage at Leeds Festival last year, before kicking off 2020 by signing to Killing Moon Records for the release of their debut album.

Sounding like a perfect mix of Vampire Weekend and Circa Waves, this live session sums up what Marsicans are all about solidly: every second of their joyous live set is tailormade for a proper dance around Baldersby Park! Like LIFE, Marsicans were included in The Guardian’s top picks of artists to breakthrough in 2020, and we expect them to light up the Main Stage with their infectious indie pop tunes.

Admiral Fallow Spotify

Admiral Fallow

Admiral Fallow are among the finest bands to have emerged from the thriving nu-folk scene in the late noughties. In fact, if dancing around belting out anthemic folk choruses is your thing, they should comfortably be your favourite band. The Scottish five-piece make music influenced by greats like Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen and Rufus Wainwright, fused with their own unique and uplifting folk style.

Sarah Hayes, the band’s flutist and vocalist, performed last year with Deer Shed royalty Peter Brewis of Field Music in their new Kate Bush-inspired project, You Tell Me, which was a delight, but we’re also glad to hear that she’s getting ready to get back out on the road with Admiral Fallow. Their melodies are majestic, and their live show will leave you frantically searching out their next live dates with immediate effect.

W. H. Lung Spotify

W. H. Lung

The sparkling synth pop and motoric krautrock of Manchester-based three-piece W. H. Lung first burst onto the music scene in 2017, with the release of the single ‘Inspiration! / Nothing Is’. Originally conceived as a studio-based project by school friends Joseph E (vocals, synths), Tom S (guitar), and Tom P (bass), the trio quickly became sought after for live shows and performances off the back of their 2017 debut.

Drawing their inspiration from the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Talking Heads, Prince, and Julia Holter, to name but a few, the three-piece returned to the studio to start work on their debut album. Distilling their influences into the album, the resulting Incidental Music was released to critical acclaim in early 2019, preceded by the singles ‘Second Death of My Face’ and ‘Simpatico People’, all of which we’ve had on repeat in the Deer Shed office all year!

Ren Harvieu Spotify

Ren Harvieu

It’s finally official: Ren Harvieu is back! The enigmatic singer-songwriter served up a phenomenal debut album, Through the Night way back in 2012, only a year after a back injury threatened to end her career before it had even begun. Saving special thanks for her doctors on the record’s sleeve notes – “for taking me in and putting me back together” – the Mancunian’s mix of orchestral alt-rock, big-band brass and touches of ‘60s swing, topped off by a sultry voice full of soul and yearning, confirmed exactly why the music industry widely considered her to be a pop phenomenon in waiting, with a Top 5 chart position.

Her first single in seven years, ‘Teenage Mascara’, continues along the trajectory Harvieu set prior to her tragic hiatus. Released in September by Bella Union, the prolific indie label suggests that her forthcoming album, due for spring 2020, is “a brilliant, bolder and broader take on her timeless pop classicism, a compelling diary of a struggle with self-belief and a celebration of liberation and survival.”

Shopping Spotify


A DIY supergroup consisting of Rachel Aggs (Trash Kit, Sacred Paws) on guitar, Andrew Milk (Current Affairs) on drums and Billy Easter (Wet Dog) on bass, Shopping formed in London back in 2012. Their sound - kinetic, minimalist dance-punk inspired by the likes of ESG, Gang of Four, Slits and Au Pairs - has won them glowing press from all quarters, like NME, Pitchfork and NPR, and a loyal, cross-continent following accrued over three, acclaimed album.

Their formidable fourth album, All Or Nothing was released on 7th Feb via Fat Cat Records, and sees Shopping experiment with jubilant '80s synths and electronic percussion, adding new textures to their signature minimalist dynamic. Their sound is perfect for a late-night dance on the Lodge stage!

International Teachers of Pop Spotify

International Teachers of Pop

We’re properly excited about this one, disco kids. International Teachers of Pop is the ‘Nerd Disco’ project from founders and co-writers of The Moonlandingz, Adrian Flanagan and Dean Honer, in cahoots with vocalist Leonore Wheatley and all-round pop educator. Our first lesson came at the Brudenell Social Club, before the release of their eponymous debut album, when only initial singles ‘After Dark’ and ‘Age of the Train’ had seen the light of the dancefloor, but that didn’t stop us from constantly shaking along to Leonore’s contagious moves throughout their set. We expect lots of mini Deer Shedders to be grooving along, too.

The trio’s first record plays on your sense of nostalgia, with classic analogue organ sounds and disco rhythms, but International Teachers of Pop are very much a band for 2020, capable of giving all generations the dancing bug. The Deer Shed nerd disco awaits!

Avalanche Party Spotify

Avalanche Party

Born and raised in the rural North Yorkshire Moors, the garage-punk sound of Avalanche Party is as wild and untamed as the landscapes they originate from. There are few bands on the local circuit that can match the electrifying atmosphere conjured up by their visceral live performances.

We found this out at the Westgarth Social Club’s stage at Twisterella Festival 2017, which was filled to the brim with people hoping to catch a glimpse of Avalanche Party’s all out onslaught on their adoring audience. In the wake of their set, the room was literally in tatters, with bits of the ceiling wrecked by some of the best crowd surfing we’ve seen in ages! A similar scene swept Baldersby Park when we invited them to perform at Deer Shed in 2018! Their debut album, 24 Carat Diamond Trephine, propelled them onto the national stage, and we couldn’t resist witnessing it live In The Dock once again this summer.

I See Rivers Spotify

I See Rivers

I See Rivers have been teasing out a string of fantastic singles and EPs since 2015. In 2020, the multi-instrumentalist Scandi ‘float pop’ trio are doing things their own way, on their own terms, with their highly anticipated debut album due for independent release before the close of the year. The album will be supported by funding from BBC Launchpad, PRS, and their dedicated fans through Kickstarter, allowing Eline Brun, Gøril Nilsen, Lill Scheie a level of control over their own artistic and commercial output that is rarely afforded to bands attempting to break into the mainstream.

Their spellbinding three-part vocal harmonies, distinctive Nordic sound and subtle electronic production have seen them sell out extensive headline tours around Europe, garnering a reputation everywhere as a phenomenal live band. If Fleet Foxes, The Staves, Bon Iver and Lucy Rose tick all the right boxes for you, then I See Rivers are a must-see act.

Kitt Philippa Spotify

Kitt Philippa

Who is Kitt Philippa? They are human, they are searching and in music they find hope. Although raised on classical music, their songs are strangely urban and often conveyed with digital sleight. An organ scholar and an experimentalist, Kitt Philippa plays piano, guitar, clarinet, and evem a prayer bowl and bicycle wheel.

The 2018 emergence of Kitt Philippa with new single ‘Human’ and follow up single 'Grace' has been championed by Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC 6 Music), Tom Robinson, Phil Taggart (BBC Radio 1), Huw Stephens. Throughout 2018 Kitt showcased their new material to audiences across Ireland and the UK at HWCH, Latitude, Stendhal, Other Voices including support slots with SOAK, Villagers, Lisa Hannigan, Hilary Woods, Wye Oak. Kitt Philippa closed out 2018 by winning 'Single of the Year' at the Northern Ireland Music Prize for their single 'Human'.

Rachel Dadd Spotify

Rachel Dadd

According to Lauren Laverne, one of our favourite BBC radio presenters, Rachael Dadd’s sixth studio album, Flux, was a “contender for the best of the year list” with her “brilliantly unusual, unexpected tracks - you never know what she’s going to do next.” The contemporary folk multi-instrumentalist has produced another record of big, bold songs: a response to the flow of life uprooted; a protest the flow of recent political history; a diary of the flow within the intimate space of home.

Co-produced with Marcus Hamblett (Villagers, Laura Marling), Flux is Rachael’s first full band studio album, and sees her teaming up with Deer Shed favourites and longtime collaborators Emma Gatrill (Matthew and the Atlas), Kate Stables (This Is The Kit) and Rozi Plain.

Native Harrow Spotify

Native Harrow

Native Harrow cuts out clear and vibrant narratives on fear, love, the open road, ill-fated relationships, and coping with the state of the world. Featuring Devin Tuel on lead vocals and guitar and Stephen Harms on bass, drums, keys, guitar (not always at the same time), their latest album, Happier Now features nine songs written during three back-to-back tours across North America supporting the band’s second album, Sorores.

The album was recorded in just three days in March 2018 during what Tuel jokingly calls “downtime” in the middle of the grueling 108 date tour. Tuel – whose voice bears a striking to folk great Joanie Mitchell – approached the sessions like a musicians’ workshop, each morning beginning with the songwriter presenting her collaborators with the day’s material. The creative energy of the tightly-knit sessions spilled over into Tuel’s songwriting as well - she skipped lunch on the third and final day of recording to pen the road-weary ‘Hard To Take’. Four days after arriving in Chicago, Native Harrow was back on the road and Happier Now> was complete, and we’re quite sure the record will bring much joy to Deer Shedders when they get to hear it live in July.

Big Joanie Spotify

Big Joanie

Big Joanie are a London-based three-piece formed in the summer of 2013 to play at First Timers (a gig where each band plays their set for the very first time) at the close of the year. Consisting of members Stephanie Phillips (vocals and guitar), Estella Adeyeri (bass and vocals) and Chardine Taylor-Stone (drums and vocals), they are self-described as a “black feminist punk band” their sound is like The Ronettes, filtered through ‘80s DIY and ‘90s riot grrrl, with a sprinkling of dashikis.

Their debut album Sistahs reflected these influences at the same time as occupying a space that few members of such movements had dared to tread before: “There wasn’t really a conversation about race. People kind of alluded to being political and being leftist, but ignored this big elephant in the room,” Phillips told the Guardian. The band also functioned as a space where its members could be completely themselves as black women, and within it discover their own power in creativity. On top of that, they write absolutely brilliant punk songs, which we can’t wait to hear emanating from our main stage.

Do Nothing Spotify

Do Nothing

I first came across Do Nothing at a Nottingham venue called JT Soar, an old fruit and veg warehouse to the back of Sneinton Market that, in recent years, has been converted into one of the city’s most interesting underground live music and art venues. It was the perfect setting to discover the post-punk sounds of Do Nothing. Looking and sounding like a cross between LCD Soundsytem’s James Murphy, Talking Heads’ David Byrne and The Fall’s Mark E Smith – switching seamlessly between showcasing his impressive vocals and sometimes slurring or barking out his lyrics – Chris Bailey is a captivating frontman.

We usually like to earmark a band or two on the line-up to have a big year. In 2020, we seem to have spoiled you with far too many emerging bands possessing the potential to breakthrough, but Do Nothing are personal favourites in this bracket. They are certain to win over legions of fans in the months leading up to Deer Shed, and at the festival itself.

Egyptian Blue Spotify

Egyptian Blue

The city of Brighton is undeniably producing some of the best bands in the UK right now. Among them are Egyptian Blue, sometimes known as EB INC., who make music that is uncompromising yet uplifting. They channel modern anxieties and nervous energy into razor sharp guitar lines and post-punk grooves. Crafted originally above a jeweller’s shop in Colchester, the band later moved to Brighton to develop their sound, before being signed to Yala! Records.

Inspired by the likes of Gang of Four, Preoccupations and early Foals, Egyptian Blue’s fierce and uncompromising sound feels hypnotic and filled with adrenaline all at once. Their grinding riffs achieve an immense power through brute repetition, while their rhythm section produces taut, nervous energy and intense post-punk grooves.

Rina Mushonga Spotify

Rina Mushonga

After seeing her touring in 2019 with Deer Shed favourites Ibibio Sound Machine and Flamingods, we couldn’t resist adding Rina Mushonga to our line-up for 2020. Much like these tour-mates, The London-based, Dutch-Zimbabwean pop innovator’s music largely defies conventional genre.

Describing her latest album, In A Galaxy, as sounding like “Paul Simon in a sweaty, African dancehall club,” Mushonga explains that the record is the result of four years spent “trying to filter out the noise more, to go with my gut more, trust my instinct and my taste, even if people think it's weird or too much.” She weaves a glittering constellation of warped synths, Afropop rhythms and addictive, soul-lifting vocal harmonies a sound developed from influences in her early life, like Nina Simone, Oliver Mtukudzi, Tori Amos, Fleetwood Mac and U2, to create a work of art we know Deer Shedders will love.

Dowdelin Spotify


Exploding out of the cultural melting-pot of Lyon, France, Dowdelin clear their own path between Creole jazz, electronic dancefloor sounds and Caribbean percussion. They unite the carnival rhythms of Martinique and Guadeloupe with electronic and jazz sensibilities in a new, French-Carribean take on Afro-American futurism.

The trio – consisting of friends Olivya (vocals), Dawatile (keys, sax, bass, vocals, production – that’s some multi-instrumentalism) and Raph (Gwo-Ka drums, electronic percussions, sax) deliver their contemporary soul sound in the Creole language. Their acclaimed debut album, Carnival Odyssey, is a celebration of multiculturalism that we defy any Deer Shedder in Baldersby Park not to dance along to on Sunday afternoon!

Heidi Talbot & Boo Hewerdine Spotify

Heidi Talbot & Boo Hewerdine

Our first run with Boo Hewerdine was at a gig at Bangor University in 1989, or thereabouts. The Bible gig showcased Boo as quite an amazing songwriter. All bands write songs, all bands have songwriters, but Boo Hewerdine is a SONGWRITER. Songs crafted and chiselled to perfection. With notable exceptions, 1980s pop songs were more crafted rather than we find in today’s often over-produced wailings. Discuss! Check out ‘Honey Be Good’ and ‘Graceland’. And, naturally, loads of his songs have been made (more?) famous by other artists, like Eddi Reader ‘(Patience of Angels’) and Kris Drever (‘Harvest Gypsies’).

And so to Heidi Talbot. An acclaimed writer herself who has also sung a fair few Boo songs and is a long term collaborator. Heidi, born in Ireland via America has a rather glorious silky voice has enjoyed multiple BBC Radio 2 Folk award nominations and her list of collaborators crosses musical genres with apparent ease. Talbot will be celebrating 20 years as a professional singer in 2020 with the release of a compilation album featuring tracks from Heidi’s 5 solo albums. Heidi and Boo are a rather special musical partnership and not to be missed.

Ruthie Spotify


As a teenager, Naomi Baguley fronted the DIY punk band Bruising, but she now creates a blend of nostalgic folk rock, delectable electronics and dreamy vocals under the moniker Ruthie. An expert at crapfting the perfect song about love or heartbreak, the Leeds-based singer-songwriter’s latest EP, Universal Heartbreak Now, features the slow duet ‘No One On This Earth’, in which Naomi teams up with Eoin Loveless, who headlined the Deer Shed Main Stage with his band Drenge in 2018.

Last year, Ruthie was a late addition to our music line-up, playing a beautiful stripped back acoustic performance on the Pallet Stage. We enjoyed that set so much, we immediately decided she should come back in 2020 with her full band to open the Sunday Main Stage.

Marthagunn Spotify


MarthaGunn consists of five best friends - Abi, Max, Humphrey, Ally and Frankie. In 2019, they covered the length and breadth of the UK on their first headline tour, were hand-picked by screenwriter Steven Knight to play at the Peaky Blinder’s Festival (which also featured a stunning performance from Deer Shed 10 headliner Anna Calvi) and have garnered support from John Kennedy at Radio X.

The five-piece have spent time honing their craft, delivering raucous shows across the UK and Europe, while perfecting their passionate indie-rock. Think Fleetwood Mac meets Haim, filtered through the imagination of a Mystery Jets obsessive!

Serious Sam Barrett Spotify

Serious Sam Barrett

There are some artists we just can't get enough of. Over ten years, has performed in Baldersby Park a grand total of four times - including at Deer Shed 1! Check out this video of Sam performing acoustically in the Deer Shed arena for the Anthologies video series.

We're over the moon Sam is returning for two sets: opening the Telegraph stage on Saturday and, later, a Wilderwild fireside performance. On top of that, he'll be inspiring the next generation of folkies at Deer Shed 10, with a special folk-singing workshop in the Studio, teaching children about the social and economic context of folk songs, work songs and shanties.

Low Hummer Spotify

Low Hummer

Sharing a common thread consisting of Pixies records, The New Adelphi Club and late-night decisions, post-punk band Low Hummer were carefully stitched together by vocalist Daniel Mawer by drawing musicians from Hull’s tight knit DIY music community. Merging fuzzy guitars and battered up synths, the band spent 2019 writing their debut singles in a room behind their favourite hometown venue.

Low Hummer released their first fuzzed-up garage anthem ‘Don’t You Ever Sleep’ in September on independent Leeds label Dance To The Radio, followed by second indie-punk single ‘I Choose Live News’ in October. Both singles fast earned the band support from the likes of Clash, Dork, Gigwise and BBC 6 Music as 6 Music Recommends Track of the Week.

Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band Spotify

Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band

Rajasthan is the land of royalty; a glittering jewel set in the golden sands of the barren Thar Desert, with a wealth of rich culture, tradition and heritage. The Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band is a living embodiment of this landscape, a spectacular celebration of its vibrant and colourful lifestyle, their music and dance a heady, exciting and hypnotic reflection of this enchanting region.

Many brass bands have wowed the audience at Deer Shed Festival over the years, but its unlikely you’ve ever seen a brass band quite like Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band. With a diverse repertoire of tunes spanning Rajasthani folk songs, Bollywood hits, spiritual qawwali, Bhangra beats. sci-fi and intergalactic funk and even well-loved pop songs, these vivid performers cover the full spectrum of the evocative and joyous music that governs life in Rajasthan.

Tom Joshua Spotify

Tom Joshua

Although Tom Joshua has only released a couple of singles to date, he is an artist well known to the Deer Shed team and audience. The budding Middlesbrough-based singer-songwriter first came to our attention in 2016, before we instantly booked him in to perform his unique mix of modern indie and traditional folk at Deer Shed 8.

With his deft guitar playing and stunning voice – sounding often like a perfect mix of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Fleet Foxes’ Robert Pecknold – Tom Joshua is a shining example of the depth of musical talent hidden within the regions surrounding our festival, just waiting to be discovered.

Brigid Mae Power Spotify

Brigid Mae Power

Brigid Mae Power will join the Dublin Calling brigade on the Telegraph stage on Sunday for the first ever Deer Shed Festival Céilí! Brigid possesses one of the most expertly controlled and, simultaneously, the most intensely raw and emotional voices I’ve ever heard.

Her most recent of two studio albums, The Two Worlds, received acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork and Folk Radio, with The Line of Best branding it “stately, solemn, slow-burning and seriously beautiful”. She will be the last live solo performance of the Dublin Calling line-up, before the traditional songs and dancing swing into full flow in the early evening.

Conchúr White Spotify

Conchúr White

From the small but noteworthy town of Portadown, Conchúr White’s music has been described as “inventive yet beautifully understated”. After the conclusion of previous project, Conchúr took a 9-5 job working with young people and their parents. His new music is heavily inspired by that time and those interactions.

Last year, Conchúr began recording a collection of between Marcata Recording in New York with Kevin McMahon (Frightened Rabbit and Real Estate) and Oil Tape Studios (Ciaran Lavery & Fatherson) in Belfast. He notes Alex Turner, Leonard Cohen, Lana Del Rey and Father John Misty as key influences. Conchúr’s debut single will be released this summer, and we’re giddy to hear songs from it ringing around the fields of Topcliffe.

Gary Stewart Spotify

Gary Stewart

Gary Stewart is a singer-songwriter from Perthshire who cut his teeth performing around the Leeds music scene for 15 years, before moving to York where he currently resides. Stewart writes folk-pop songs and is predominantly influenced by folk artists of the '60's and '70's, like Paul Simon, James Taylor, The Eagles, Joni Mitchell and Carole King.

The Scottish songsmith has released three albums to date and is due to release his fourth, Lost, Now Found, on 14th June 2021. The debut single, 'Leopard', has received radio play on YO1 Radio, BBC Radio Scotland and Amazing Radio. His debut record, Boy Cries Wolf, garnered praise from the likes of Janice Long and was played on Radio 2 courtesy of Steve Lamacq. When not performing his own music, the multi-instrumentalist busies himself playing drums for Hope & Social, as well as fronting his own reworking of Paul Simon's Classic Album, Graceland, with a seven-piece band.

Beccy Owen Spotify

Beccy Owen

Beccy Owen is passionate about sharing her wonderful talent as a singer and pianist with the world. Not just through her records and live performances, which are invariably excellent, but also through her innovative Pop-Up Choirs. Bringing together people of all ages, backgrounds and musical tastes, a pop-up choir is a one-off musical gathering, which many Deer Shedders enjoyed at the festival in 2019.

The North East-born, York-based songsmith writes and performs music with herself, with others (Joy Atlas), for others (Red Ladder Theatre Company), and has released six solo albums. The latest of these releases is Chaotica - a term that appears in the diaries of French-Cuban American diarist, essayist, novelist Anäis Nin – which features the backing of her excellent band, The Refuge.

Mt. Misery Spotify

Mt. Misery

Initially a solo project for Hartlepool based multi-instrumentalist Andrew Smith, Mt. Misery became a band in early 2019 and quickly became firm favourites of the North East indie-pop fraternity. Sharing stages with the likes of Johnny Marr, Paul Smith, Bill Ryder Jones, Plastic Mermaids, Micah Erenberg and Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab, Mt. Misery’s endearing vocals and shimmering guitars made them a must-see act at some of the region’s finest festivals, including our favourites Twisterella, and Songs From Northern Britain.

With influences including Chris Cohen, Real Estate, Nap Eyes, Andy Shauf, Neil Young, Teenage Fanclub and Big Star, Mt. Misery’s music is imbued with wistful melodies and sepia tinted charm. Their two self-recorded, self-released EPs to date have received airplay from Tom Robinson and, currently working on their debut album, Mt. Misery have been tipped by God Is In The TV and NE Volume as a band to lookout for in 2020.

Morrissey & Marshall Spotify

Morrissey & Marshall

Beautiful World Agency is bringing the pub table sessions of Ireland to North Yorkshire for the first-ever Deer Shed céilí! Curated and presented by Dublin duo Morrissey & Marshall, they'll bring their Dublin Calling radio show on tour to Baldersby Park, alongside other elite players and singers from the Irish roots, Trad and Céilí world.

Join Morrissey & Marshall, plus the other acts confirmed for the Telegraph Stage Sunday celebration so far, Steo Wall, Brigid Mae Power and Padraig Jack. Whilst broadcasting live to the nation from Topcliffe, they’ll be playing timeless tunes for you to dance, sing, shake and swing to.

The Magpies Spotify

The Magpies

It has only been a short space of time since The Magpies burst onto the UK folk scene, but they have already made a huge impression with their fresh brand of neo-folk. Comprised of Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Award-winning guitarist, banjo-player and singer, Bella Gaffney, clawhammer banjo player and singer Kate Griffin and acclaimed fiddle-player and tunesmith Holly Brandon, they draw on their wide-ranging influences to create a unique blend of transatlantic folk music purpose-built for festival stages.

The Magpies’ debut album – Tidings - was released in June 2020 to widespread critical acclaim, with The Sunday Times labelling it “effervescent” and BBC Radio 2 imploring their listeners to ‘check that album out’. The album is full of songs which explore uniquely female experiences in unpredictable and surprising ways, and we know their return to Baldersby Park will be much anticipated by the masses of folk fans among us.

Andrew Cushin Spotify

Andrew Cushin

Andrew Cushin, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Newcastle, recently signed a life-changing record deal with Virgin Records. How that came about is quite amazing: after his manager sent Noel Gallagher a few of his tracks on the off chance he might give them a listen, the ex-Oasis frontman replied to say that Andrew possessed a special talent, before passing on the recordings to a friend at Virgin who was involved in their deals to sign Jake Bugg and Lewis Capaldi.

Already cultivating a loyal fanbase in the North East, this news led the Deer Shed team to quickly snap up the rising talent for a set on the Pallet Stage, along with other festivals this summer, like Victorious, Boadmasters and The Great Escape.

Pavey Ark Spotify

Pavey Ark

Pavey Ark are a fast-rising alt-folk band from East Yorkshire, whose sound features atmospheric vocals and violins, gliding over fingerpicked guitar, melodic bass and complex percussion. The result is a lush folk-inspired sound that has established the band as one of the must-see acts coming out of Hull in recent years.

After performing at Glastonbury in 2019, they have gone on to recently support some of the Deer Shed team’s favourite artists, such as This Is The Kit, Steve Mason and Rozi Plain. Influences like Nick Drake, Radiohead, Rodriguez have inspired Pavey Ark’s debut album due for release in March 2020, and they’re now set to set Deer Shed alight the summer.



A man that should need absolutely no introduction. Bez was famed in the 1990s for being the percussionist and eccentric dancer in one of the most iconic northern bands in British history, The Happy Mondays. You now likely have a mental image of Bez going wild on stage, with maracas and all sorts of percussion instruments, and that’s exactly how it should be!

Bez will get the closing Sunday night party started at Deer Shed 11, with more classic Madchester tunes than your ex-raver mind could ever remember! You’re twisting my melon, man.

Rory Hoy

Rory Hoy (DJ)

Not too many DJs have a collection of fans that includes mixing royalty, but Rory Hoy is a firm favourite of Craig Charles, Fatboy Slim and Afrika Babbaata! Rory is in his spiritual home when stood behind the decks.

Fresh from the release of his critically acclaimed book on the 1990s Big Beat scene, The Little Big Beat Book, which includes interviews with artists like Fatboy Slim and The Prodigy, you can hear the multi-award winning disc spinner win the hearts of Deer Shedders all over again at the In The Dock Friday night party!

Meg Ward

Meg Ward (DJ)

Meg Ward is a Newcastle-based underground DJ that intertwines multiple genres including house, techno, disco, garage and hip-hop within her well-established sets. In 2019, she progressed from the status of disc jockey to full blown producer, with the release of single For Funk’s Sake and her debut EP Tyneside, which is a homage to the town she studies and resides in.

Bringing high energy and huge personality to every dance floor, Meg has made quite an imprint on the North east scene in the past few years.

Across The Tracks

Across The Tracks (DJ)

We’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve partied the night away into the early hours to the classic beats of an Across The Tracks DJ set. What started as a Manchester club night in 2005 has since stirred up dancefloors in clubs and festivals across the country.

From its funk and soul foundations, the night has flourished into a melting pot of house, disco, indie, breaks, hip-hop, electro, RnB and pop gems. Like Deer Shed, they’re all about finding great new music but also revisiting the classics to create the perfect party. Discerning, diverse and dedicated to the dancefloor, one night like this a year will see you right!

Black Market Stereo

Black Market Stereo (DJ)

If you’ve stepped foot in the Deer Shed science tent before, you’ll likely recognise Black Market Stereo, our resident disc jockey tutors, teaching the next generation all about the 1s and 2s. The Leeds-based DJ and production duo – also known as Alex Lewis and Rufus Stewart – take influence from a range of genres but can usually be found spinning their selection of house, disco, techno and global music.

After recently releasing their first single ‘Stockholm’ on Red Laser Records, we’re unleashing them from the confines of the science tent to get you lot moving to their hypnotic grooves on Sunday night. Not many DJs can say they’ve played back-to-back with Bez!


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