Eve Owen

Sometimes, when we go to check out an artist’s live set, it can be so blindingly obvious that our audience will fall in love with an act that we feel compelled to immediately book them in. That was the case after seeing Eve Owen at Hyde Park Book Club in November 2019, her first live outing since releasing the stunning debut single ‘She Says’. Alas, like many things in the year that followed, it was not meant to be, but we were so grateful to eventually witness Eve's breathtaking Acorn Stage set at Base Camp Plus last summer. We were over the moon to welcome her to record these beautiful sessions in the actual Deer Sheds at Baldersby Park ahead of her performance at the festival, bringing us the signature mesmeric vocals and devastating melodies we've come to adore from listening to her exceptional debut album 'Don’t Let The Ink Dry'.

Eve Owen - Tudor

Eve Owen - Jolene


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