Before Breakfast

The music of Before Breakfast – consisting of long-time friends Gina Walters, Lucy Revis, Debra Finch and Annie Rushworth – explores feminist issues through the telling of personal stories, fusing the members’ classical knowledge and rich arrangements with raw expression. The Sheffield-based band produce a beautifully uneasy web of harmonies and relentless piano, with intricate cello and expressively haunting vocals running through their songs. Having recently shared the news that their debut album 'I Could Be Asleep If It Weren't For You' will arrive in January 2022, we're so grateful to be able to share these two gorgeous sessions they kindly performed for us in the Deer Sheds here in Topcliffe during Base Camp Plus earlier this year in 'Wreck' and 'Buddleia'. If these stunning performances are anything to go by, the album will be worth the wait indeed!

Before Breakfast - Wreck

Before Breakfast - Buddleia


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