A Fallow Deer - The Deer Shed Story
Episode 1 - The Beginning Of Deer Shed

Join music journalist and Deer Shed veteran, Dave Simpson, as he sits down with festival founders, Kate Webster and Oliver Jones, and winds the clock back to 2010 to the very first Deer Shed Festival. How did this married couple go from the London music scene to farmland in North Yorkshire, and establish one of the most unique festivals in the UK? From time machines and unruly bands, to watching the musicians of the future have that light bulb moment. Ten festivals later, Kate and Oliver reveal how it all began, and the moments when it nearly didn’t.

A Fallow Deer - The Deer Shed Story
Episode 2 - The Voices Of Deer Shed

Everyone is in agreement; it’s the people that make Deer Shed what it is. Music writer and Yorkshireman, Dave Simpson, has gathered together a band of diehard Deer Shed attendees to get a sense of what the last ten years of the festival have been like. Featuring reflections from Dream Wife frontwoman, Rakel Mjöll and comedian, Justin Moorhouse, we delve deeper in why Deer Shed is so special to so many people.

A Fallow Deer - The Deer Shed Story
Episode 3 - The Future Of Deer Shed

Nobody saw 2020 coming, but having had a fallow year to reflect, what does the future hold for Deer Shed Festival? Festival founder Oliver Jones, and Arts Director,Megan Evans, join music journalist, Dave Simpson, to discuss how the pandemic has impacted the festival scene and what the next ten years might look like for Deer Shed and its faithful followers.


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