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Goldfrapp Spotify


The word “superstar” can be bandied around a bit sometimes. In an age of X-Factor and social media fame, so-called superstars can come and go in what feels like seconds. Few ever truly live up to the label.

Our Deer Shed Festival 9 Saturday night headliner is a different story altogether. To us, the name Goldfrapp has become synonymous with the word superstar since the electronic synth pop duo, comprised of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, first burst onto the UK music scene at the turn of the millennium.

Over what is nearing a twenty-year partnership in rock, Goldfrapp have consistently remained at the forefront of electronic music. As recently as summer 2017, The Guardian wrote of their performance at Sydney’s warehouse-turned-music venue Carriageworks that “Alison Goldfrapp is all windswept hair and shiny silver pyjama suit. Appearing on stage, backlit and washed in smoky red and blue […] she seems less like a rock star and more like a mysterious angel from the space age.”

Never safe, always surprising and still finding room in their set for euphoric classics like ‘Ooh La La’, and ‘Strict Machine’, we are utterly delighted that we’ve finally secured Alison Goldfrapp – aka GOLDFRAPP – for a headline performance on the Deer Shed Festival line-up.

This Is The Kit Spotify


So what does “rock” mean to you? Ask this to ten different, but equally discerning, rock enthusiasts today and you’ll likely receive ten different answers. Your wise dad thinks nothing will ever eclipse the revolutionary spirit of The Rolling Stones. Your hip kids insist bands like Honeyblood keep the heart of rock beating strong. You, being the beast of broad tastes that you are, like anything that gets your head banging and your hand-horns raised high.

Whatever you reckon represents the pinnacle of rock – in all its eclectic genius, glamour and gore – there is a band that, to us, has begun to embody rock in its rawest form musically. That band is adoptive Yorkshiremen (actually hailing from Derbyshire but now based in Sheffield), Drenge.

The release of their eponymous debut album in 2013 introduced Drenge as a duo of brothers – Eoin and Rory Loveless – writing fiercely intelligent lyrics dripping with antipathetic ingenuity, underpinned by the kind of overdriven guitar tones and seismic drumming we tend to hear in our dreams. No glitz or pretence: just pure, muddy rock stripped back to some fuzz-laden strings, an amp and a kit. Proper garage stuff.

The subsequent release of Undertow and addition of bassist Rob Graham confirmed that our Friday night headliners are special. Uninhibited in their nihilistic snarls and prolific in producing utterly feral riffage, have no doubt tunes like ‘We Can Do What We Want’ and ‘Running Wild’ will hit the spot for your wise dad and your hip kids all at once. And of course you’ll love it, you hip and liberal hero!

Field Music Spotify

Field Music + The Open Here Orchestra

We’ve had some cracking bands at Deer Shed over the years. There are some bands included in that list that, whenever they’re played on the radio or even just mentioned, still fill us with unbridled pride and joy.

Yes, you guessed it. It’s Field Music, that awesome band from Sunderland, Tyne and Wear we’re always going on about. In fact our Oliver – Deer Shed director – reckons there’s no other band out there making music as original, interesting and intricate as David and Peter Brewis. They’re back in Baldersby Park this July, and this time they’re bringing a whole bloomin’ orchestra along in tow!

The band’s pre-released singles taken from their latest album Open Here – which is released the day after this Deer Shed headliner announcement (February 2nd) – represents, in our opinion, their best work to date. Imagine that: Field Music, even with the colossal strength of their fourteen-year discography to date, still haven’t peaked.

The Open Here Orchestra is their latest endeavour. An artistic collaboration that will provide a fresh tinge of drama and depth to the already layered and syncopated synth rock anthems of Field Music. What a Sunday afternoon finale to Deer Shed Festival 9 this will be!

Public Service Broadcasting Spotify

Public Service Broadcasting

Some bands just belong in Baldersby Park. That was our feeling when we booked a little known band called Public Service Broadcasting for Deer Shed 4 back in 2013. They arrived in North Yorkshire fresh from the release of their debut album, Inform-Educate-Entertain (an ideal motto to live by), ready to play a set in the Big Top that would later become immortalised in Deer Shed folklore as the years progressed.

The release of two wonderfully crafted albums later – The Race For Space (2015) and Every Valley (2017) – and the main stage beckons. We always knew it would one day, but had admittedly always been lacking a structure ginormous enough to do justice to such an epic, out-of-this-world show. Deer Shedders who saw the new and improved main stage last summer will know that – now, in 2018 – we couldn’t be more ready.

Light show? Check. Awesome visuals? Check. Mind-melting sound? Check. The stage is (literally) set.

So there we go. The long-awaited recipe for one of the most triumphant returns to our music line-up ever is ready. A moment Deer Shedders pretty much everywhere have been waiting patiently for. Public Service Broadcasting. Saturday evening. Deer Shed Festival 9. Very special guests. It’s going to be extraordinary.

Gaz Coombes Spotify

Gaz Coombes

Gaz Coombes is another artist that played a majestic set five years ago at Deer Shed 4, and he’s finally back too after much clamouring from the festival team and audience alike!

He’s just released a video for his first single from his latest solo album World’s Strongest Man, ‘Deep Pockets’. The self-directed and edited clip features the ex-Supergrass frontman undertaking one of the trippiest Uber-pool journeys from the back of a cab in Los Angeles.

Many Deer Shedders will be able to relate closely to the upcoming album. As the father of two girls and the only man in the house, the record explores male psychology with great humour and sharp self-awareness. Coombes has never stopped writing music that gives us goose bumps, but his new material is finally doing the same for the icon himself. It was a “new emotion,” he recalls, “like nothing I’d felt before, and it would choke me.”

World’s Strongest Man is released on 4th May 2018 and we’re beyond excited to hear it both on record and live in Baldersby Park!

Joan As Police Woman Spotify

Joan As Police Woman

The Deer Shed team have been huge fans of Joan As Police Woman ever since the release of her debut album Real Life back in 2007. We wholeheartedly endorse The Times’ assessment of her as “the coolest woman in pop” – there are more than a few girl crushes going on in the office!

Famously a collaborator and muse to artists as diverse as Anohni, Rufus Wainwright, Lou Reed and Beck, Joan As Police Woman has just released her latest album Damned Devotion and it’s quite simply a masterpiece – perhaps her best yet.

The singer-songwriter claims her maxim is, “if it feels scary to say, it’s the thing you must say,” and on Damned Devotion her thoughtful lyricism is married to Joan’s most accessible music to date. Fearless and still at the absolute top of her game, we've been cartwheeling around the room at the prospect of hearing huge new hits like ‘Warning Bell’ and ‘Tell Me’ live this summer, among some of our older favourites like 'The Magic' and 'Holy City'. Joan Wasser - aka Joan As Police Woman is our colossal Friday night Lodge Stage headliner.

This Is The Kit Spotify

This Is The Kit

We will go on to say a little something about This Is The Kit, after we’ve shared with you this acoustic performance of their song ‘Spores All Settling’ from Deer Shed 7, set in the wild, secluded area Baldersby Park now known as The Wilderwild.

Nice, eh? Kate Stables’ angelic voice angling around the sound of archtop and banjo strings, all blending into the peaceful wooded surroundings. As you can imagine, we’ve been eager to have her, and the rest of the alt-folk band, back at Deer Shed pretty much since the moment they stepped off the main stage.

Back then we were still reeling from the release of their stunning third studio album, Bashed Out. The subsequent release of Moonshine Freeze in the summer of 2017 underpinned our belief that This Is The Kit, in harmony with others like Laura Marling, Beth Orton and The Staves, embody the evolving voice of contemporary British folk.

A band built for playing a summer evening set, sat out in the sunny fields of North Yorkshire – we can’t wait.

Nadine Shah Spotify

Nadine Shah

There are certain artists we feel a duty to showcase. Kate Tempest performing Let Them Eat Chaos in the pouring rain at Deer Shed 8 was perhaps the most poignant and moving headline set we’ve ever had. We all got a bit wet, but my word it was worth it.

Nadine Shah is another important poetic voice in contemporary British music. In her own words, the job of the new album Holiday Destination was to “humanise the dehumanised through individual stories”. Resonating with the masses far beyond the shores of Whitburn, Shah’s hometown on the Tyneside coastline, the record became one of BBC 6 Music’s Albums Of The Year for 2017.

With the moral storytelling prowess of Nick Cave and a post-punk sound that is gritty and gloriously dark, wise and incredibly pointed in a time where we could do with a bit of a guiding light, Nadine Shah is another star produced by the North East and a very special songwriter indeed.

Jane Weaver Spotify

Jane Weaver

“In this landscape we are fading/ Shiny particles and shadings/ Once continuous and clear/Through the skies.” Jane Weaver is the architect of a world of wavy soundscapes where listeners lose themselves in a mix of intrepid experimentalism and anthemic floor-fillers.

And when we say ‘architect’, we really mean it. Weaver is self-taught, self-produces and even owns the record label Bird – her completely autonomous artistic process resulting in a wholly inimitable sound.

Another favourite of our omniscient friends over at BBC6 Music, the Liverpudlian’s latest album Modern Kosmology leads us to the claim that she could well be the queen of psychedelia.

The phenomenon that is Jane Weaver leads the charge, alongside Joan as Police Woman, of an emboldened Lodge Stage line-up for 2018, as Saturday night headliner.

Bill Ryder-Jones Spotify

Bill Ryder-Jones

As co-founder and former guitarist of The Coral, Bill Ryder-Jones is pretty much Merseyside music royalty. It’s speaks volumes of his standing as an artist that the Liverpudlian is recognised chiefly for his subsequent solo work, spanning three brilliant albums to date.

The latest of these albums, West Kirby County Primary, was released in 2016 to universal acclaim. Combined with hints of the Mersey-beat inspired indie formula which initially brought him success, Ryder-Jones’s hushed vocals and deeply personal lyrics have seen helped him blossom into one of the most intelligent and moving guitar-driven singer songwriters around.

Bill Ryder-Jones is a little bit grunge, with a little bit of the moving emotional power of Art Garfunkel. Quite alright by us!

Blaenavon Spotify


This music line-up is starting to look a little bit cool, isn’t it? Well, we’ve just hit astronomical levels of coolness with the addition of this band.

From humble beginnings – winning their high school talent contest before signing to Transgressive Records for the release their first EP, Koso – Blaenavon have grown up alongside their core fan base. Still an incredibly young band, Ben Gregory, Frank Wright and Harris McMillan have already released one infectious indie anthem after another, displaying artistic maturity well beyond their years.

Their debut album That’s Your Lot features 12 intensely personal songs that explore friendship, sadness, hope, love held and lost, and all the confusions of youth in a world that is slowly revealing itself. The intimacy of the album runs even deeper with the subsequent release of That’s Your Lot – The Bedroom Tapes, an alternative album of demoes offering rare insight into the working methods of a supremely talented band in an age of pristine production.

Tell the kids: Blaenavon for Deer Shed 9, and watch them beam.

HMLTD Spotify


There are so many possible angles to pursue in a description of HMLTD. That’s testament to the way the South London band like to bombard your senses with their electrifying, ever-changing music.

We love each of their early releases for entirely different reasons. ‘Is This What You Wanted?’ lulls you in with a funky groove, then crescendos into an industrial punk masterpiece, with a hint of Fat White Family thrown in just for the nihilism of it all. ‘Satan, Luella & I’ sounds like Frank-N-Furter and Adam Ant joined Duran Duran, with all its dark glam and flamboyance. ‘To The Door’ is their signature song, fusing spaghetti western guitar riffs with tinges of drum and bass.

And then there’s the live show, for which nothing I say can really prepare you. They ripped the roof off the Brudenell’s shiny new Community Room, adding visual bombardment of the senses to the mix, with strobes and the star of the show, Henry Spychalski, spellbinding the crowd.

New romantics, punks, creatures of the night: whatever HMLTD are, they’re absolutely ace.

Scott Matthews Spotify

Scott Matthews

One person. A guitar. And a song. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? And it is. But when done right, this simplicity makes the atmosphere in Baldersby Park turn to pure bliss.

We saw it happen with John Smith on the Lodge stage last year, and now it’s the turn of Wolverhampton-born star of bluesy acoustica, Scott Matthews.

Since his debut album, Passing Stranger, in 2006, the expert singer songwriter has refined his craft. Writing deft and sensitive songs during a trajectory that begin with the ethereal ‘Elusive’, The Great Untold marks his best album to date and the Deer Shed we couldn’t wait to book him as soon as it appeared through our speakers.

Dream Wife Spotify

Dream Wife

The first thing to say about Dream Wife is they write arty, indie bangers that compel anyone in earshot to lose it dancing or chanting “Dream Wife for life” at the top of their voice. The same way you can’t resist singing “off, off, off with your head” along with Karen O or “so looong my friend” with Julian Casablancas. Bashing out staccato guitar riffs that buzz and shred like Gossip and Le Tigre at their finest.

It’s really no wonder they’ve already headlined the easiest multi-venue festival on the feet in the land – Middlesbrough’s own Twisterella Festival – back in October. Or that they’re supporting bands like The Cribs.

The second thing is that the Icelandic-Brightonian star trio, comprised of Rakel Mjöll, Alice Go and Bella Popadec, are the type of band that you want your teenage kids growing up on. From their Riot Grrrl roots right up to their raucous live show, they are a dream. And all of this comes before they’ve even released an album. It’s going to be some year!

Rozi Plain Spotify

Rozi Plain

This mini-documentary gives some insight into the thoughts behind Friend, Rozi Plain’s beautiful third studio album, released in 2015.

It also paints Plain as an artist as quirky, intelligent and as much of a pleasure to be around as her music. Her voice is beautifully understated – a comforting whisper you wish could deliver all your bad news, as she the album’s opening line foreshadows, “It will be reported to be / A difficult year / A tumultuous year”.

One of the many multi-talented members of This Is The Kit, Rozi Plain as a solo performer pleases both the traditional folkies and those with more experimental tastes. Dreamy electronic synth riffs and fluttering soundscapes surround her vocals layered with lovely harmonies. Deer Shedders will know all too well of Plain’s ability to totally captivate her audience, as she did with Deer Shedders back in 2015 and we’re delighted she’ll be returning.

Sivu Spotify


We’ll level with you: we’ve been trying to book Sivu for years. He is a true composer – each track an intricately weaved tapestry of delicate vocals, synths and strings.

James Page writes evocative lyrics from the Bright Eyes notebook of heartache and tragic restraint. It’ll give you the feels alright. In the best possible way, of course.

The new album, Sweet Sweet Silent, is a deeply personal piece. Page lets us know in the first track, ‘Submersible’, he’s taking us “deep deep down in [his] submarine”, as wavy synths wash around the room. ‘Lonesome’ begins with violins so delicate they could be imitating birdsong, as the Cornish-born songwriter swings subtly into his most moving single to date.

It fills us with great joy to finally be adding Sivu to the Deer Shed line-up.

The Orielles Spotify

The Orielles

Hailing from Halifax, The Orielles will strengthen the local Yorkshire contingent at Deer Shed Festival 9 even further.

Inspired by a shared love of alternative US bands from the ‘90s, such as Sonic Youth and Pixies, they learned their instruments on the road through gigging and have spent the past few years polishing their sun-kissed, surf-indie sound.

They are tipped by many to be one of the big breakthrough bands of 2018. The Guardian, for instance, say “The Orielles are an indie band. But not in the derogatory “landfill” sense. They’re reclaiming the word, reminding us that “indie” used to be something to aspire to.”

So let us rejoice for our saviours of indie, The Orielles, and thank them with a packed out crowd at the Deer Shed In The Dock stage!

Warm Digits Spotify

Warm Digits

Now here’s a band that’s caused a stir in the Deer Shed ranks. It does tend to happen when a new group pops up armed with synths, electronic basslines and a penchant for syncopation or, in the words of Andrew Weatherall, “machine funk kraut-a-delia!” Booking Warm Digits has made us all giddy, like those times we booked Field Music and Dutch Uncles.

Newcastle-based Andrew Hodson and Steve Jefferis released their latest album Wireless World in the summer of 2017, which is loosely themed around a present-day teetering between progress and collapse. In the bands own words, “unimaginably exciting leaps in technology, and yet that the world will only last for a few moments as we fail to find a way to act collectively on rising temperatures, the failures of democracy”.

‘End Times’, featuring Peter Brewis, is a perfect illustration of this summation. Discordant but infectious flavours of futuristic funk and disco fizz beneath the foreboding lyrics, “It must be getting close to / I feel it getting near to end times”. ‘Fracking Blackpool’ intelligently incorporates sounds of hydraulics and explosions from fracking in Andrew’s home town in its distorted electronic depths.

Social commentary through synthesisers. The future.

Pictish Trail Spotify

Pictish Trail

Pictish Trail – also known as Johnny Lynch – is your typical eccentric genius, in the absolute best way possible.

The last time we saw Johnny and the band live, since their incredible performance at Deer Shed 6, was last year at the legendary Brudenell Social Club. Dressed akin to a godlike king from space, adorned with a golden robe and trippy face paint, he commanded the room and the crowd majestically with his electronic indie folk music.

Future Echoes is Pictish Trail’s brilliant second studio album. The spacey introductory single ‘Far Gone – Don’t Leave’ is such a tune it all but confirms to us that its writer must be from other-worldly realms. Johnny Lynch is a spectacular performer, and he’s been away from North Yorkshire for far too long!

Avalanche Party Spotify

Avalanche Party

Born and raised in the rural North Yorkshire Moors, the garage-punk sound of Avalanche Party is as wild and untamed as the landscapes they originate from. There are few bands on the local circuit that can match the electrifying atmosphere conjured up by their visceral live performances.

We found this out at the Westgarth Social Club’s stage at Twisterella Festival, which was filled to the brim with people hoping to catch a glimpse of Avalanche Party’s all out onslaught on their adoring audience. In the wake of their set, the room was literally in tatters, with bits of the ceiling wrecked by some of the best crowd surfing we’ve seen in ages!

The past year has seen Avalanche Party tear away from the moors and the North East, raising venues all around the UK and Europe, and it really is about time they conquered Deer Shed. Luckily, the In The Dock roof is a little higher than the Westgarth’s...

Art School Girlfriend Spotify

Art School Girlfriend

Originally from Wrexham, North Wales, Polly is now based in Margate's creative community after spending 5 years in the London music scene fronting a shoegaze band. Art School Girlfriend is the next chapter in the musical tapestry of Polly's life - exploring themes of lust, queer identity, infatuation and disillusionment.

Margate's coastline has provided a dramatic and apt backdrop for the upcoming debut EP, reflected in not only her uniquely intoxicating sound, but also the artwork and aesthetic. With everything written and produced by Polly in her studio space, finishing touches were added at Epworth's infamous Church Studios.

Raised on the sounds of The Velvet Underground, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and Patti Smith, Art School Girlfriend's music is atmospheric and stark in equal measure, a perfect balance of calm and chaos.”

Siv Jakobsen Spotify

Siv Jakobsen

Siv Jakobsen is a Scandinavian singer and songwriter whose writing combines soft string sections with a voice so beautifully heart-breaking it almost feels as though she is sat beside you, warbling her whispered tones directly into your ear.

Her debut album, The Nordic Mellow features the lead single ‘Like I Used To’ – which has guest vocals from Andrew Davie of Bear’s Den and racked up millions of streams on Spotify – offers a striking introduction to the sheer intimacy of her craft.

Siv was raised in Asker, just outside of Oslo, and went on to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, but has long felt at home within British borders. So much so that she will return to UK shores for a special performance at Deer Shed Festival 9 this July.

AK/DK Spotify


It’s been a long time coming. Six years since we witnessed this exhilarating spectacle of dual precision drumming and synths that you only dream you could play with for days. The first time AK/DK made the journey up to us from their hometown of Brighton back in 2012, they opened an In The Dock Saturday line-up, with Field Music following and School of Seven Bells headlining. What a day of music.

AK/DK create a sound that marries the psychedelia of Clinic and King Gizzard with the disco-in-space electronics of Orbital or Daft Punk. Their latest album, Patterns/Harmonics puts the raw energy of the band we were awestruck by live on record, with driving riffs and dance-floor-bangers like ‘Lagom’ and ‘Modulate to Accumulate’.

For those who weren’t lucky enough to catch what could quite possibly have been the best performance of Deer Shed 3, we’re doing it all over again. And afterwards, AK/DK have promised to make an appearance in the science tent to noodle around and demonstrate their demonic talent on the nerdy delights we’ll pack it with!

Boy Azooga Spotify

Boy Azooga

Another genius recent signing from Heavenly Recordings, adding to what is already one our favourite label rosters on the planet. Last year we had Hooton Tennis Club and H. Hawkline and this year we’re borrowing Boy Azooga and Anna Burch.

Cardiff-based Boy Azooga is piloted by Davey Newington, a young man with much musical heritage. Initial singles ‘Face Behind Her Cigarette’ and ‘Loner Boogie’ delightfully fuse funk and fuzz, previewing what we think could be one of the breakthrough albums of the year in 1, 2 Kung Fu.

“When we were growing up,” says Davey explaining the band name, “we used to the watch the film The Little Rascals. In that film they chant ‘Azooga-zooga-zooga’.” When Davey and his cousin Chris Bainbridge from Man of Moon – who we had on the line-up last year – text each other, they always sign off with ‘Azooga-zooga’!

Slug Spotify


SLUG is Ian Black, another excellent musical export from the North East and a former member of Field Music. Black and his band have been a merrily disruptive influence on The North East music scene for over a decade, and are set to return to Baldersby Park after their fantastic set in 2015.

Having a dance along to Slug is probably one of the most stress-relieving activities you can do for yourself. Jaunty rhythms always keeping you on your toes, funky riffs embellished with fuzzy effects and indescribable grit.

The band’s 2015 debut album Ripe features songs mainly following this formulae. ‘Cockeyed Rabbit Wrapped in Plastic’ has some of the most excitingly intricate and surprising guitar riffs from any rock band. ‘Greasy Mind’ perhaps refers to how easy it is for Slug to slide their songs into your head! Black will be releasing his latest album HiggledyPiggledy on 13th April – a record we’ve been anticipating for some time.

Ren Harvieu Spotify

Ren Harvieu

Ren Harvieu’s first and only album Through The Night, released six years ago in 2012, is a record of rare beauty. Released when she was just 21, it is an unadulterated piece of soul mastery. Since its release, we haven’t heard a huge amount from Harvieu, but that’s all about to change.

The Salford star’s voice is truly something special, too. Ren – short for Lauren – at times elicits the devastating melancholy of Amy Winehouse, with hints of the rhythm and blues sung by the likes of Etta James.

It’s wonderful to know that Ren is back, coming to Baldersby Park to perform her incredible music. And with this return to the stage sparks the hope that there could be new material in the pipeline. Hallelujah!

Lost Horizons Spotify

Lost Horizons

We quite often praise the boffins at Bella Union for having exquisite tastes in music. Since 1997 Simon Raymonde – the revered Brighton-based label’s big boss and ex-bassist of the Cocteau Twins – has overseen releases from the likes of Fleet Foxes, The Flaming Lips and Ezra Furman, as well as Deer Shed alumni John Grant, PINS and BC Camplight.

Not content with just releasing quality record after record by the artists on his amazing roster, Simon has teamed up with Richie Thomas, ex-Dif Juz member, to release some more tunes of their own. They’re called Lost Horizons, and their stunning debut album, Ojalá, is a rare sighting of two gifted musicians who, for different reasons, have been largely absent from music-making for the last twenty years.

Ojalá is an hour of exquisite, expansive and diverse spellcasting, from facets of soul (‘Bones’, featuring Cannon, and ‘Reckless’, featuring Ghostpoet) to dreamier invocations like ‘She Led Me Away’. There’s the odd louder, faster detour, like ‘Life Inside A Paradox’ (with Sharon Van Etten on backing vocals), but the overall record is a deep and rich triumph of melancholic compositions.

Bryde Spotify


Bryde is one woman and her guitar. One woman and her guitar beginning to make seismic waves in the British music scene. Also known as Welsh songwriter Sarah Howells, she takes influence from Scout Nibblet, PJ Harvey, Ben Howard and Sharon Van Etten – a list that certainly pleases us, to say the least.

A great introduction to the artist would be the single ‘Less’ which sets Bryde apart as a truly unique female vocalist. More recently ‘Desire’, released this year, is simply an awesome piece of power pop.

When we booked Bryde for Deer Shed 8, I remarked that her voice had shades of Dolores O’Riordan’s of The Cranberries – how things can change in a year. Looking back, I think that’s among the highest compliments I’ve ever paid to an artist and it will be an absolute pleasure to have her back in Baldersby Park.

Lowly Spotify

The Lost Brothers

The Lost Brothers are an Irish musical duo who deliver songs that are hushed to the point where listeners are compelled to listen intently to their beauty and melancholy.

The folk and country inspired acoustic duo take their name from a label given to them by friends who thought their music could only have been created by two kindred spirits. Such a connection is perhaps most apparent in their beautiful vocal harmonies, now contained within five studio albums.

If this wasn’t enough, The Lost Brothers will play two – yes, TWO – sets at Deer Shed 9: Saturday opening the Lodge Stage, and again the same day headlining the Pallet Stage. We do spoil you!

Matt Maltese Spotify

Matt Maltese

We’re very excited about booking Matt Maltese. Not just because he’ll provide an excellent opening to the Deer Shed main stage on Saturday, but because we’ve been granted an early glimpse into the workings of his newest material, and it’s safe to say there are more than a few doozies.

About his preceding releases, DIY Magazine remarked, “Think Richard Hawley with a Twin Peaks filter - songs for early hours insomniacs and teens stumbling home from nights that etch into the conscience.”

Matt has by no means lost his penchant for melancholy, but his writing now seems more underpinned by the self-deprecating humour of other troubadours, like Deer Shed 8 headliner Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy. Anyway… we’ve probably already said more than we should, so you’ll just have to get yourself down to Baldersby Park this summer to see for yourself!

Seamus Fogarty Spotify

Seamus Fogarty

In 2016, Aidan Moffat of Arab Strap released a wonderful documentary called Where You’re Meant To Be, revolving around his efforts to adapt the rich narratives of traditional Highland folk music to rather reflect peoples’ experiences of modern life and the city.

Seamus Fogarty is a folkie by trade. Some of his poetic lyricism, gentle vocals and wistful string sections certainly seem more informed by a tranquil upbringing in County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland than an adoptive home of London. London, though, does provide the canvas for his recent masterpiece The Curious Hand which threads folk stories and characters into twenty-first century urban life, underpinned by glorious electronics and samples of city voices.

If like us you loved Diamond Mine, the collaborative studio album by Jon Hopkins and King Creosote, you will not want to miss Seamus Fogarty at Deer Shed 9 this July. A ground-breaking songwriter, defying convention and, like Moffat, thrusting traditional folk into uncharted territory.

Anna Burch Spotify

Anna Burch

After learning the ins and outs of the Detroit music scene with various bands, Anna Burch found herself accumulating a growing amount of solo material. These songs, full of sincerity and depth, caught the ears of Collin Dupuis (Angel Olsen, The Black Keys) who mixed the tracks.

The helping hand of Dupuis has developed these tracks into what will become Burch’s debut album, Quit The Curse, set for release 2nd February. If singles ‘2 Cool 2 Care’ and ‘Tea-Soaked Letter’ are anything to go by, it’s going to be a phenomenal record, with Burch’s super-sweet vocals and song subjects.

When we developed the Lodge Stage, Anna Burch was exactly the type of artist we had in mind. An understated singer-songwriter full of promise, ready to take the stage by storm this summer.

The Ninth Wave Spotify

The Ninth Wave

The Ninth Wave are another band that caught our eye at Middlesbrough’s wonderful Twisterella Festival. In fact, a few friends who came along that day have surely joined their super-fandom, having not stopped raving about them since.

A part post-punk, part new wave synth-pop quartet, they produce a euphoric mix of hair raising-riffs, hook-infested keys and dual male against female vocals that soar far above the marvellous raucousness. Think The Cure, but much, much darker.

Glasgow, their home city, boasts a phenomenal list of artistic exports, and currently stands as as city with one of the fastest rising, art, culture and music scenes in the UK. The Ninth Wave, set to be the most glamorous group of goths to ever grace Baldersby Park, are at the forefront of this Scottish stampede and are in for a stupendous 2018.

Whenyoung Spotify


Another totally fresh band preparing to become one of the biggest break through acts of 2018.

Whenyoung’s debut single ‘Actor’ has received endless airplay on our beloved BBC 6 Music. It’s a tune adorned with jagged, infectious guitar, paired with lyrics that will break your heart.

Encapsulating youthful abandonment at its raw best, lead vocalist and bassist Aofie Power (which, by the way, is an ace name to front a band under) along with Niall Burns Andrew Flood are here to make pop punk cool again.

With all their angst and lovelorn lyrics, we can’t wait to hear more from whenyoung!

Night Flight Spotify

Night Flight

Another artist we’re expecting to have a rollicking 2018. And, yes, we do usually like to have a photo of the band on the site at this point, but we thought that artwork was just too lovely not to use!

Night Flight’s debut EP Wanderlust is quite the work of art, too. Early singles ‘Departure’ and ‘Death Rattle’ provide the highlights, with achingly beautiful vocals akin to James Mercer’s and a mastery of dreamy melody not too dissimilar to the sound of his band, The Shins.

This five-piece alternative band from London will provide the ideal soundtrack to a (all fingers crossed) sunny, relaxing Sunday at Deer Shed 9.

Sam Airey Spotify

Steven Adams And The French Drops

It’s over 16 years since Steven Adams started making music with The Broken Family Band, generating critical acclaim with each subsequent release and maintaining a dedicated cult following ever since.

Steven himself played at Deer Shed 7 back in 2016, and recorded this quite lovely session with our good friends over at Anthologies among the hustle and bustle of the arena. Now he’s back with a new band The French Drops, and we’re more than a bit excited...

Following a few years of performing and recording solo, Adams says he wanted to put together “a band where everyone was following their noses. I’ve been calling the shots for ages now, and now I can lean on these people, make more noise. It’s fair to say we share a lot of the same thoughts and feelings about the state of the world. But mostly we talk about food.”

Sam Airey Spotify

Sam Airey

On behalf of all of Yorkshire, we’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to the Isle of Anglesey for stealing away one of its brightest song writing talents. Born in rural North Wales but now residing in Leeds, Sam Airey released his debut single ‘The Blackout’ in 2011 which was named BBC Radio Wales’ ‘Song of the Year’ ahead of the likes of Manic Street Preachers.

More recently Sam released his 2017 album ‘In Darkened Rooms’, which propelled his music into the streaming stratosphere with 2 million listens alone on ‘Stars’, the album’s first track.

In his own words, Sam Airey specialises in the composition of “sad songs”, though that description certainly doesn’t do justice to his lyrical depth and sensitivity, genuinely heart-breaking voice and gorgeous guitar playing.

Emma Gatrill Spotify

Emma Gatrill

Total tranquillity. Two words that sum up the heavenly music of Emma Gatrill really quite nicely. Chapter I, Gatrill’s debut album, is a poignant collection of songs, shaped around the multi-instrumentalist’s then-latest acquisition: the harp.

Weaving her delicate vocals and dreamy synth around the unorthodox string sound (standing as only the second harpist ever to perform live in Baldersby Park after Georgia Ruth), the atmosphere evoked by Gatrill’s set is ideal for Deer Shedders who might want to momentarily switch the Big Top or In The Dock chaos for that little bit of secluded Pallet Stage serenity.

Part of the Willkommen Collective – a community of musicians, promoters and artists all based in Brighton – Gatrill’s unique brand of electronic folk has drawn comparisons with Björk and Joni Mitchell, as well as with her friend, co-conspirator and seasoned Deer Shedder, Rozi Plain.

Holy Moly & The Crackers Spotify

Holy Moly & The Crackers

Who’s ready for a hoedown? With Holy Moly & The Crackers in town it’s not so much a question as an inevitability. In the wise words of Frank Turner, “Dear god, do yourself a favour and catch Holy Moly - either live or on record. Brilliant.” We did ourselves that favour back in 2016, and we thought we deserved it again this summer.

Their early releases, like debut album First Avenue, established the Newcastle-based as a favourite around our parts - a rabble we knew would blow the roof clean off pretty much any tent we booked them for! The record’s opening lyric states, “I’d like to listen one more time / To the anthem in your head”, which is precisely the lingering feeling Holy Moly leave with the listener as it concludes.

Salem, the seven piece band’s latest record, marks a blossoming of Holy Moly & The Crackers’ sound into a visceral concoction of rock, folk, blues, balkan, ska and reggae. Heavier and darker than before, with sleazy guitar riffs, trumpets, accordions and banjos gloriously colliding. The ultimate band for a Sunday night party.

Mush Spotify


When we hear through the grape vine of a new band making waves about 40 minutes down the A1 in the Leeds music scene, we make sure to check them out as soon as humanly possible.

MUSH is the latest band to be conceived in a city that is currently a hotbed of noise and alternative rock talent. The name is presumably a description of the effect their tunes have on your mind when you first witness them live: able to think of nothing bar the expert layering of heavy guitar riffs, juxtaposing the laid back, low-key vocals.

We also love a band that can sound immense without taking themselves too seriously. ‘Comment section creeps’, one of just two studio tracks MUSH have released so far describes the despair we’ve all felt having stumbled upon the Daily Mail’s chat forum of horror: “Scrolling down the page is like pulling your own teeth / … Comment section creeps”.

A very exciting local band, indeed.

Riley Pearce Spotify

Riley Pearce

Where to start with an artist who treats song writing with such immense sensitivity and attentiveness? Humble by nature, Riley Pearce has an undeniable gift of leaving you respectfully in awe.

The alt-folk artist – travelling all the way from Perth, Australia to the green fields of North Yorkshire to perform for lucky Deer Shedders this July – truly follows an honest brand of song writing. The most striking aspect of his performance is the raw and often haunting vocals, much like Bon Iver or José González.

Our new and improved Pallet Stage is set for the likes of Riley to lull those who might want a more slightly more serene atmosphere into a blissful daze of acoustic music.

Amaroun Spotify


Jay Brown is one talented artist. Amaroun is the latest project of the self-producing songwriter, who is currently collaborating with other people we love like Charles Watson of Slow Club after emerging from the same tightknit community as Francobollo, LA Salami and Denai Moore.

Brown’s wavy electronica songs – not too dissimilar in style to Jane Weaver, though a little more understated – intelligently deal with complex emotional subjects like her experiences coming out and consolidating her sense of identity with the strength to define one’s self on one’s own terms.

We’re betting Amaroun’s forthcoming debut album Helmet is going to propel her to the forefront of the country’s music scene and we’re very excited to have her for Deer Shed 9.

Adam French Spotify

Adam French

Adam French belongs to the breed of songwriter that deals expertly with emotional depth and sensitivity, in the company of the likes of Bon Iver and Burial. He creates rich tapestries of music, which flourish with the input of his producer Rich Cooper (Mystery Jets, Lucy Rose, Billie Marten, Tom Odell).

Though a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, French values the acoustic guitar as one of the most important tools of his trade. “Although all the textures and arrangements are different and experimental, when you strip them back on an acoustic guitar they work as songs, it doesn’t feel like they’re missing anything,” he notes. “The golden rule is: if it doesn’t sound good on an acoustic guitar then it’s probably a bad song.”

Hailing from Congleton in Cheshire, between Stoke and Manchester, Adam French will be making the short journey further north to Deer Shed 9 to play his tunes how they were originally composed – with an acoustic guitar and his phenomenal vocals – on the Pallet Stage.

Alice Barlow Listen on Soundcloud

Alice Barlow

Alice Barlow is a singer-songwriter from South East London with shed loads of talent and promise.

Influenced by the likes of Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley, her soaring dulcet vocals, rumbling electric guitar tones and dark arrangements all underpin her wonderfully poignant songs. She’s been snapped up by the clever bods at Domino Records, joining the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Animal Collective and The Kills. Wow indeed!

‘In A Vice’ (the artwork of which is humorously nabbed from the classic Grand Theft Auto game), is currently her one public recording and can be found here. It’s really quite a beautiful piece and we’re so eager to hear future releases!

Kizzy Clawford Spotify

Kizzy Clawford

A favourite of almost all the BBC Radio stations – BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru – Kizzy Crawford is an astonishing talent. Not only does she display mastery of the English language in her song writing but arguably her most poignant songs are written in Welsh.

Ok, admittedly our command of the Welsh language might only extend to titbits we’ve heard on Gavin and Stacey, but it’s still certainly possible to appreciate the poetics of her Cymraeg songs: the shape of her words sung through stunning vocals.

Kizzy won the ‘Brwydr Y Bandiau’ at the National Eisteddfod 2013 and also won a Welsh Singer-Songwriter competition receiving money to record her first EP ‘Temporary Zone’ with Amy Wadge (Ed Sheeran ‘Thinking Out Loud’ co-writer). The accolades are set to continue, and we’re yn hapus iawn she’ll be joining us at Deer Shed 9.

Mylar Melodies Spotify

Mylar Melodies

The enigmatic maestro of modular synthesis that is Mylar Melodies must take some responsibility for a surge in the number of many new Eurorack fanatics. His YouTube demonstrations provide regular fixes for thousands of filter junkies and audio architects.

For those who are a little lost at this point, Eurorack is a form of modular synthesis that has become increasingly popular over recent years, with a mass of boutique manufacturers making modules that, when interconnected, form custom musical instruments with an almost infinite multitude of sound generating possibilities.

Preferring to remain anonymous, Mr. Melodies is capable of manipulating soundwaves like sonic puppets on a string. He was contained within the science tent last year, sharing his synth obsession with fresh-faced disciples of electro. For Deer Shed 9, he’ll be unleashed for an In The Dock set complete with overhead visuals so you can see the live twiddling. Get ready for the digital rave revolution.

Peaness Spotify


You’ve booked WHAT for a family friendly festival?

Don’t panic, don’t panic. That’s PEA-NESS. As in ‘to what extent something resembles a pea’! Ok, maybe there is a little mischief afoot and, we won’t lie, there have been a few lols in the Deer Shed office since we booked this indie pop three-piece.

Formed in Chester in late 2014, Peaness are the kind of instantly likeable, warm and creative people that can get away with their, frankly, scandalous name! Lucky really, as it’s a name being spoken of increasingly on the likes of BBC Radio One, BBC6 Music, Radio X and more. This burgeoning bunch of friends grow quickly into the big shoes that early press-hype has challenged them to fill.

Marvin Powell Spotify

Marvin Powell

We’re big fans of Liverpool-based Skeleton Key Records – the record label co-founded by brothers Ian Skelly and James Skelly of The Coral – at Deer Shed. Not only do they have one our favourite main stage performers from last year’s festival, She Drew The Gun, on their current roster, but they’ve also previously released the likes of Cabbage and Blossoms at the dawn of their budding careers.

The latest act we’ve decided to book from their awesome roster is Marvin Powell, a singer songwriter who trades in delicate, far-away, wistful melodies and dreamy imagery. The two EPs he’s released to date – Salt and Wind Before the Train respectively – exhibit the artist’s wonderful guitar work and understated vocals, which promise much for a debut album we’re hoping will arrive soon.

Long may the bods at Skeleton Key continue to release music we just can’t resist adding to the line-up!

Soham De Spotify

Soham De

Soham De is a 20-year old singer-songwriter from Kings Lynn, Soham, based in the northeast city of Durham for university.

Considering that when I wasn’t studying or partying at university, I was almost certainly sleeping, it’s even more than impressive that Soham is still finding time to write and tour alongside getting a degree. In fact, he’s making a real name for himself amongst his contemporaries, having been longlisted for Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition 2017 among many other accolades tipping him for big things in the future.

Soham wrote his first song at 10 years old and this was the beginning of a love for music and creative writing. As his gentle writing flourished throughout the years, he would also regularly perform to close friends. We’re delighted he’ll now showcase such wonderful ability on our Lodge stage, with Deer Shed beckoning this summer.

Bella Gaffney And Polly Bolton Spotify

Bella Gaffney And Polly Bolton

You know when two things just go together perfectly? You know, like tea and milk. Peanut butter and toast. Sugar and spice and what-have-you. Well, Bella Gaffney and Polly Bolton go to together.

Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Award winner Bella Gaffney hails from Bradford. She writes folk inspired songs which she performs along with her own original arrangements of traditional pieces. Polly Bolton might be best known to Deer Shedders for her rollicking live performances with the band Stillhouse, who appeared on the Obelisk stage last year.

With Gaffney’s strumming of the guitar and Bolton’s shredding of the mandolin (indeed, we didn’t think it possible before we witnessed it either) providing the instrumental backdrop to their delightful vocal harmonies, we’re confident the two will also be a perfect match for Deer Shedders.

Morrisey and Marshall Spotify

Morrissey and Marshall

This acoustic duo hail from Dublin but decided to move to London some six years ago now to find their fortune… or at least a recording contract.

Fortune, of course, favours the brave and lady luck came knocking when Morrissey & Marshall happened to be harmonising in a pub. A member of The Magic Numbers was having a pint, liked what he heard and asked the pair to join them on tour. They also caught the attention of legendary producer John Reynolds, who now manages them.

With a sound comparable to Simon & Garfunkel and The Evelyn Brothers, the return of Morrissey & Marshall’s brilliant, relevant and emotion-rousing songs has been much anticipated since they last performed at Deer Shed 7.

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek

Not content with just booking the awesome local bands on their label – although Sam Airey’s set on the Pallet Stage is set to be typically enchanting – we’ve once again gone and booked the Hide & Seek label DJs to take over the Big Top for a kids’ rave and, later on, down at the In The Dock stage.

Whether you head to the slightly tamer silent disco or head to their all-out, late night sonic apocalypse takeover to see out the wee hours, Hide & Seek will be bringing the tunes... you bring the moves.

Lost Map

Lost Map

Lost Map Records is run by that extra-terrestrial Scotsman we mentioned above, Johnny Lynch aka Pictish Trail. He also runs an annual festival on the Isle of Eigg, where Lost Map is based, called Howlin’ Fling, which sounds absolutely ideal.

Johnny is bringing some of his best DJ buddies along to Baldersby Park for a Lost Map label takeover of Deer Shed 9. A chance to get tuned in to the refined musical tastes of Lost Map Records, whose roster includes Rozi Plain, Kid Canaveral and Eagleowl, and to dance the night away!

Gin & Juice

Gin & Juice

The last 7 years has seen Gin & Juice grow from a small party in Leeds to one of the biggest old-school hip hop brands in the UK. Today they can be heard bringing the house down at events across the UK and hosting block rocking shows across the world, from the snowy peaks of the Alps to the sun of the Saharan desert.

The crew have supported some of the biggest names in the industry including Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash, The Sugarhill Gang, DJ Yella, KRS One and many more. For Deer Shed 9, Gin & Juice are bringing their loudest MC to spit bars over your favourite hip hop beats from history. And if you don’t know, now you know.

Rory Hoy

Rory Hoy

What do Fatboy Slim, Craig Charles, Mr. Scruff, Afrika Bambaataa and Fake Blood all have in common? You guessed it: they all have loads of love for multi award-winning music producer and DJ, Rory Hoy! Craig Charles is in fact such a fan that he invited Rory to support him on his Funk & Soul tours and plays his tracks regularly on the BBC6 Funk & Soul Show.

Rory’s music career to date has seen him produce six critically acclaimed albums and numerous EPs, with many different global artists on various worldwide labels. Setting sail at Deer Shed 9, this superstar DJ will take us on a sonic journey through electronica, covering house, funk, soul, hip-hop, big beat, breaks and beyond.

Escape Club

Escape Club

There’s a reason we keep asking York’s Escape Club back to DJ in the green fields of Baldersby Park. They’ve built their reputation on delivering sets of the biggest dance tunes from the 1960s to the present day. Think Andrew Weatherall or the Chemical Brothers DJ’ing at a wedding…

Funk, soul, indie, old school hip-hop and whatever else you could possibly want to get the party started. Whatever you do, make sure you do not miss the Friday end-of-night headphone fiesta at the In The Dock stage!

Across The Tracks

Across The Tracks

Across The Tracks, the club night usually set in Manchester, has been stirring up club and festival dance floors since 2005. From its funk and soul foundations, the night has flourished into a melting pot of house, indie, disco, breaks, hip hop, electro, RnB and pop gems.

Providing late night raves at our festival for some years now, they never fail to keep Deer Shedders in that dancing mood all through the night.

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